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    Boho vs Traditional: How wedding trends have changed

    We’ve all imagined our perfect wedding day – the white dress, the stunning location and the romantic first dance. Times have changed, however, with modern weddings becoming less traditional than those of the past. Only one in four people now opt to marry in church, with quirkier locations, ceremonies and decorations on the rise.

    So, what is a boho wedding exactly and why have they become so popular in recent years?

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    The Dress Of Your Dreams – The Best of Contemporary Minimalist Wedding Dresses

    The Dress Of Your Dreams: The Best of Contemporary

    Minimalist Wedding Dresses

    Most brides would want to go full blast on their wedding day with an enormous party, plenty of guests, and an outstanding detailed wedding dress. Who would not like that, right? But other women favor maintaining things a bit simple, particularly their wedding dress.

    If you prefer simplicity, then you might want to try a minimalist wedding dress instead of something that is way out of your comfort zone. Most of the time less is more. Wearing an uncomplicated dress can have the same whoa effect as a charismatic mermaid dress with sophisticated lace and beading.

    Minimalist wedding fashion is simple, sweet, and more than adequate to wear all throughout the day. There is a special freshness to a modest gown and a breath of confidence to the woman that wears it. Here are some of the simple yet ravishing minimalist wedding gown for a modern bridal flair.

    Cut Out Sleeveless Wedding Gown

    sleeveless wed gown

    This type of women’s clothing is for a bride who desires a fresh look and fashion forward. Far from being traditional, the central point of this gown is the cutouts. It has two midriff cutouts and a rectangular structure of a low steep neckline.

    The cutouts flaunt the right amount of exposure which creates an exquisite look that is modern and sleek. The dress widens from the bodice into an ample slightly creased skirt and train. This particular feature makes the dress original.

    The cut out sleeveless wedding gown covers your hips and shoulders, emphasizing your waist. Accessorize this with embellishments that mimic your style. You can also put on some dazzling red lipstick and go for simple smokey eyes or a no makeup style eye.

    Halter Top Maxi

    wedding dresses

    As the years pass, casual weddings have been a trend. A halter top maxi dress suits a cheerful and casual environment. The dress is ideal for those women who want a simple and sweet yet a bit of an edgy look.

    This kind of dress would appear perfectly in a garden or a dream beach wedding. It does not only surprisingly show skin by featuring your shoulders and collarbone, but also the cautious neckline which allows you to be risk-taking with your hemline.

    Minimalist Wedding Dresses With a Statement Back

    wedding dresses

    A sleek and chic wedding gown have signature statement designs and remarkable details which makes the whole attire look amazing. A statement back is the most well-known one.

    You can find these wedding dresses with an effortless neckline but with a braid back, or a very low statement back, a back with a button row, a cutout back with see-through detailing or some different shape cutout backs. Highlight your back with a classy back necklace and you will get a sexy look!

    Off White Plunging Neckline Mermaid Satin Bridal Gown

    mermaid gown

    Connecting the hole between modern and traditional, this radiant satin dress checks every box. Brides will look forward to a mermaid silhouette with a wide-ranging long train. The gown highlights no bulky accessories. It is hassle-free.

    The low neckline and the seamed skirt looks a regal touch. Plus it is body conscious. The neckline is held firmly with a thin cloth inserted. The dress generates a beautiful hourglass form that will fit any body type.

    Accentuate this dress with a natural and fresh looking makeup and a sparkling bracelet. Add your preferred bouquet of any color. Also, you can wear nude heels or a narrow strap one to have a modern finishing look.

    Off White Sleeveless Open Back A-Line Wedding Dress

    wedding dresses

    This dress has a one of a kind bodice with triangular cutouts on the side. The waist is then stressed on with a seamed waistline. The skirt creates a movement that is flowing with its delicate pleats.

    The back is left exposed and open with a round cutout. It offers a little bit of drama but still wearable. It means that it can be worn at the reception. No need to change your outfit. This dress will be more convenient all throughout the event.

    Pair this dress with a dazzling bracelet or hanging earrings. You can keep your hair up if you want to emphasize your statement back. Add a bit of a pink lipstick to finish off your dream wedding look.


    If you are a bride to be, maybe you have come across too many stunning wedding dresses. When it comes to finding one down that counterparts a beautiful look but also within reach price point, the journey is never easy.

    The “less is more” concept often comes into play when it comes to wedding gowns. If you do not like puffy gowns or dresses with heavy beadings, then a minimalist wedding concept is right for you. These exquisite and graceful dresses are appropriate for the fashion-forward and minimalist bride to be.