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    Radiant Refresh – What’s in your Purse?

    guess purse, guest handbag

    What’s in your purse? This is a question that I have heard quite a lot. As a female, it is essential to walk around with a purse whether big, medium or small. You will never know when a mishap might happen. Read along to find out some items that you might find in my purse on a day-to-day basis. Read more

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    The PMS Package Review

    The PMS package

    The PMS Package is filled with goodies for the feminine. I think of it as a special box curated to help with our special time of the month. Monthly periods are no joke; they are like our worse days as they come with a headache, bloating, menstrual cramps and much more. The PMS box is curated with goodies to deal with feminine care, cravings and pamper ladies during their menses. I enjoy eating a bag of chocolate through my special moment. What about you? Read more