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    How to Treat Damaged Curly Hair

    No one wants to walk around with damaged hair. We all like to change up our hairstyles which result in it showing damage at some point. Whether we like styling processes such as straighten, curl or perming the hair it becomes damaged over time, also harsh products easily damage curly hair. If you struggle with dry, damaged hair then here are a few tips that will revive the roots of damaged curly hair:

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    5 Things To Do With Natural Hair Products You Don’t Like

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    When it comes to shopping for our natural hair it becomes a means of trial and error. We buy products, we try them and later to find out that our hair does not like that specific product. It shows when our hairstyle did not turn out as expected, too much product build-up, white flakes etc. You name it!!!.

    This is the after effect of watching a million and one Natural Hair YouTube Vloggers. We watch these videos and then are later being introduced to these natural hair products, hairstyles, natural hair care tips that might work for us. This in return results in lots and lots of impulsive purchases. Our house now becomes an at home salon or the looks of a hair section in the drugstore aisle. Read more