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    Lip Monthly August 2014 Review

    August Lip Monthly Bag

    I have received my second lip monthly subscription and I am not too excited about the products that I have received. They have changed the packaging of the products from the small box to an imprint lip monthly cosmetic bag. The bag is quiet huge for all the 5 products that was enclosed for the month of August.

    What I like about lip monthly, when selecting lip products other than giving a variety of colors they close match the shades and mix up the contents of the bag with lipsticks, lip balms, lip tints etc. I hope Lip Monthly improve over time. Being a subscriber to Lip Monthly I would like to see a mixture of different brands and not brands repeating itself in every months bag.

    Lip Monthly Info. Card
    The Information Card included in the bag was themed Lips 101. Lip monthly also stated about there brand new shop that is available on the Lip Monthly website. One can now purchase products from Lip Monthly and refer friends to earn points that can be used in the store.

    Jesse’s Girl Liquid Glass (Lip Lock)

    Jesse’s girl Cosmetics – Lip Gloss – Colour: Lip Lock
    Retail $4.99

    City Color Cosmetics – Magic Balm

    City Color Cosmetics – Magic Balm
    Retail: $3.99
    This lip balm appears as light pink when applied to lips. I have always loved magic balm but this is my first time trying this lip balm brand.

    City Color Cosmetics – Be Matte Lipstick – Colour: Phoebe

    City Color Cosmetics – Be Matte Lipstick – Colour: Phoebe
    Retail: $3.99
    I love this matte lipstick, it does not dry out my lips and I like applying without lip balm.

    Pixi by Petra

    Monthly Mix Up – Pixi by Petra – Lid Last Shadow Pen
    Retail: $18
    I’m not too feeling this gold colour but I’m sure this lid shadow pen can be used as an eye primer.

    What did you think about August Lip Monthly?
    Did you like the new designed bag?

    Thanks or viewing my blog, feel free to leave a comment……

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  • InBeauty

    Lip Monthly July 2014 Review

    Being a Lip Monthly ambassador I have received my very first Lip Monthly box for referring others. When I heard about this company I was saying why would I want a box full of lip products every month then I decided to give it a try that’s when I signed up to become the ambassador, so that I could receive a free box and I started to share my links and I got a few referrals in no time. I have no regrets on getting this box and I am in love with the colour selection of lip products that I received. My Lip Monthly box included:

    • Appeal Cosmetics – Red Light District 
    • City Color Cosmetics Lip Balm – Mauve
    • City Color Cosmetics Lip Lush Luscious Lip Crayon – Mahogany
    • Revlon Color Burst Lip Gloss – Sunbaked (044)
    • and the monthly mix up item is John Frieda Straight fixation Smoothing Creme.
    They also placed a little note in the box stating that they will be launching a Lip Shop in a few weeks, so these items will be available for purchasing after trying them out. They also plan to give the monthly boxes a theme. The note also stated the name of each products included in the box. The note can be read below:

    Lip Monthly Note

    My short review of the lip products that I received and the one monthly mixed up products:
    City Color Lip Lush Luscious Lip Crayon – Mahogany
    I love this lip crayon, it glides on very easily and it will last up to hours, but you might want to reapply after eating heavily. It can be used to line the lips and it goes good with a shade of red, you can mix it up with the colour of your choice, create an ombre lip if you like.

    City Color Lip Lush Luscious Lip Crayon – Mahogany

    Revlon Color Burst Lip Gloss – Sunbaked (044)
    This lip gloss is not sticky, the textured feels very smooth on my lips and it helps to hydrate and prevent my lips from drying out. The wand that is use to apply feels a little flimsy, I could feel it wobbling while I apply the gloss to my lips.

    Revlon Color Burst – Sunkissed (044)

    City Color Cosmetics Lip Balm – Mauve
    I love the fact that this lip balm is in a roll up tube instead of a pot. I can simple roll up the balm and apply it to my lips, unlike the pot balm I would have to use a lip brush or my fingers which can be a messy sometimes. This lip balm also has a fruity scent with a little bit of shimmer.

    City Color Cosmetics Lip Balm – Mauve

    Appeal Cosmetics – Red Light District
    This is a bright red lipstick, application is smooth and the formula is very creamy. It has a satin finish.

    Appeal Cosmetics Lipstick – Red Light District

    John Frieda  Frizz-Ease Straight Fixation
    This product claims to smooth away frizz & keeps hair silky-straight for up to 24hrs. I have ethnic hair, so I’m not sure if this product would work for me but I can give it a try and update the results.

    John Frieda Frizz Ease

    If you love lip products or find this subscription box interested, sign up using my unique referral link here:
    You can use this promo code to get your first box for $5.99, code: SUMMERLIPS.
    Thanks for reading my blog, feel free to leave a comment….