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    How to Pick the Best Foundation for Your Skin Tone

    If you want an amazing looking skin, then you have to choose the right foundation. Period. Choosing the right foundation will complement the rest of your look and your natural skin tone, helping you to look your best. Here are some tips for finding the perfect foundation for your skin tone.

    how to select foundation shade, know your undertones

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    Dr. Brandt laser Fx bright serum Review

    Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post, opinions expressed are solely of the author otherwise stated.

    Dr. Brandt laser Fx bright serum has helped my skin. I have problems with dark spots on my face that I considered very hard to get rid of. I have tried numerous amount of dark spot corrector, lightning agent and even at home remedies but still; the result has not changed dramatically. To hide my dark spots; I would normally use a color corrector and concealer before applying foundation to cover up the dark spots but I find it takes up a lot of time to apply that much product.

    Dark Spot Corrector Dr. Brandt laser Fx bright serum Review

    Dr. Brandt laser Fx bright serum

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