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    Dr. Brandt BB Cream with Signature Flexitone Review

    Dr. Brandt BB Cream with signature Flexitone

    Dr. Brandt BB Cream with signature Flexitone

    I have been introduced to BB creams for quite a while now and I have been using this specific brand from Dr. Brandt on an on and off basis. This Dr. Brandt BB cream is self-adjusting so it should match any skin tone and it is good for all skin types. Read more

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    Surface.Pro Makeup Palette by Beauty Blender

    The Surface.Pro by Beauty Blender is a super sleek and modern makeup palette use to download, mix, match and customize makeup. The Surface.Pro Makeup Palette is a very thick acrylic disc that has a five numbered film and storage wells which are used to retain custom makeup mixes.

    Instead of using the back of your hand you can simply use the Surface.Pro to find your shade just by holding up the Surface.Pro to your face and match the appropriate color and retain the color in one of the five wells. Makeup mixes often stain the hand and it is difficult to take the color of your hands for a later use but with you can take it off and retain it in one of the five wells.

    You can easily apply from the palette to your face using any beauty tool of your choice.
    Surface.Pro by Beauty Blender

    Read more

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    How to Repair a Broken Lipstick?

    Lipsticks can melt and lose its strength making it more susceptible to breaking or melting completely if not kept at the right room temperature. 


    Just in case you shop for beauty products online this should be known to you. Frequently we buy lipsticks online and they arrive broken or our lipsticks might fall from our hands, counter and break and if we have kids around we all know what might become of our lipsticks. Don’t worry! One way to salvage broken lipsticks is to be depot in Sephora (Baby) by Z Palette.

    If you have ever bought or splurge on your favorite lipstick and only when you’re getting ready to use it you realize it’s broken. Not a good thing!!! You can easily fix your broken lipstick by applying heat with a blow dryer or matches by heating the ends and putting it together.
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    Instructions on how to repair broken lipstick

    1. Start with clean hands
    2. Heat the lipstick stub with a match or blow dryer to melt the product until it’s soft and creamy.
    3. Begin to extract the broken piece of lipstick from the tube and roll up the remaining stub as much as possible. 
    4. Use the blow dryer or a lit matchstick to slightly melt the broken pieces.
    5. Stick the top part of the lipstick back onto the base and place it into a fridge until cool completely.
    6. Remove the lipstick and smooth out the lumps, if there is any with your fingers or a toothpick.

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    *You can heat the stub over hot water, so the lipstick will be melted as a glue-like consistency and allow the broken part to be stuck firmly to its base.

    If you don’t want to go through that much trouble – you can simply use a lip brush to apply the lipstick to the lips and then scoop the remaining lipstick into a small container (empty lip gloss jar). Apply heat until the broken lipstick melts; then allow it to harden and let it cool in the fridge.

    Preventive tip

    Place melting lipstick in a refrigerator for 20 minutes or more, so that it can regain its consistency.

    Repair Broken Lipsticks Broken Lipstick
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    Glitter Nail Tool

    glitter nail tool

    Image source: Amazon

    Trying to get that glitter nail look but it gets messier every time you try? Then look no further with these tools applying glitter and ombre nail art has never been easier. Read more

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    Nanshy Foundation Face Brushes Review

    Nanshy Cosmetics Nanshy Face Brushes Foundation Brush Makeup Brush
    I found these Nanshy face brush after doing a thorough research on the internet and by reading reviews etc. I was just looking for a face brush that can do the job. After reading reviews I thought to myself maybe I should go ahead and by the 5 set foundation face brush that consist of a: 
    1.     Angled Buffer Brush
    2.     Flat Angled Buffer Brush
    3.     Pointed Brush
    4.     Flat Top Buffer Brush 
    5.     and a Round Buffer Brush. 
    Nanshy Cosmetics Nanshy Face Brushes Foundation Brush Makeup Brush
    Nanshy Foundation Face Brush
    The brushes can be used for application of any product to the face whether liquid, mineral or cream foundation, bronzers, blush etc. My favorite out of all 5 brushes is the Flat Top Buffer Brush, it makes my regular foundation routine looks flawless. I often use the brush in a stippling motion and then buff in to even my skin tone. I bought the set of 5 brushes on Amazon and they were poorly packaged in a ziplock bag. The Nanshy brush looks similar to the Sigma brush, but the Sigma is about 10-20% more pricey.
    [amazon_link asins=’B00CJBE5W2,B01MZ78GGG,B00A2C6DRA,B00FY7J3YS,B017KJ7JHK,B00CD28W62,B00FY7IYH0,B01MXEGSVF’ template=’ProductCarousel’ store=’beauwithfasha-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’4cfb482e-bf4e-11e7-bacd-bda64f841826′]


    • thick pearly white handles
    • easy to use
    • soft and dense bristles
    • easy to clean
    • creates a flawless finish
    • buffs and blends well
    • 100% cruelty-free


    • bristles falling out (shedding)
    • poor packaging
    • brushes are hard to identify since they are not labeled with their individual names
    Nanshy Cosmetics Nanshy Face Brushes Foundation Brush Makeup Brush
    Nanshy Angled Buffer Brush

    The Nanshy Angled Buffer Brush is perfect for contouring and creating a narrower face effect such as applying bronzer and blush to cheekbones.

    Nanshy Cosmetics Nanshy Face Brushes Foundation Brush Makeup Brush
    Nanshy Flat Angled Buffer Brush
    The Nanshy Flat Angled Buffer Brush reaches the areas especially around the nose very well with the angle flat top. It applies and blends the foundation perfectly.
    Nanshy Cosmetics Nanshy Face Brushes Foundation Brush Makeup Brush
    Nanshy Pointed Brush

    The Nanshy Pointed Brush is unique with a soft round tip that can be used to apply or blend in concealer.

    Nanshy Cosmetics Nanshy Face Brushes Foundation Brush Makeup Brush
    Nanshy Flat Top Buffer Brush

    The Nanshy Flat Top Buffer Brush is perfect for getting that flawless matte finish. I mostly use this to apply my foundation and when I do, I use it in a stippling motion to even out my skin tone and get a full coverage.

    Nanshy Cosmetics Nanshy Face Brushes Foundation Brush Makeup Brush
    Nanshy Round Buffer Brush

    The Nanshy Round Buffer Brush is of a dome shape with soft synthetic bristles that can be used to apply, buff and blend foundation.

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    High Quality Makeup Product Review

    High Quality Makeup Product

    M.A.C Prep + Prime (price $16)

    This is a lip primer that should be applied to the lip before applying lipstick. It makes the lipstick last longer than usual, and it also moistens the lips.For best result leave it on for about 60 sec before applying lipstick. If applied to lip line, it prevents the lipstick from bleeding. Read more

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    NYX Haul and Swatches

    nyx haul

    I love shopping, especially when it comes to a selection of cosmetics. In this NYX Haul I manage to pick up these few items listed below.

    If you read further you will see my review of each item in my NYX Haul.

    Read more

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    How To Use The Beauty Blender

    Getting perfect natural looking foundation coverage can be a bit frustrated at times. There are various tools that can be used to accomplish this task, but which do you use? A sponge, fingers or one of those fancy face foundation brushes?

    The Beauty Blender

    The Beauty Blender

    Read more

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    How to get Soft Lips

    Scaly, dry or cracked lips can be a big turn off and people often think you are unhealthy because of this issue. Dry lips are easy to fix, you just have to maintain them. Below is a few pointers that will help you to get smoother or softer lips.
    vaseline Read more

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    Liquid Eyeliner Tricks you May Not Know

    Liquid Eyeliner

    Liquid Eyeliners

    Struggling to apply liquid eyeliner? Here are a few tips that will help you with applying liquid eyeliner with ease.

    • Let the liquid eyeliner dry after applying to avoid liner going into the crease. Keep your eyes closed for at least 30 seconds, so that the liner is being prevented from being pressed against your upper lids. Read more
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    How to Clean Makeup Brushes

    daily brush cleaner

    Image source: Google

    How often do you clean your makeup brushes? 

    This practice should not be overlooked, as it is one of the most important things we should do before reusing of makeup tools. Makeup brushes can be a breeding ground for bacteria and natural oils that transmits onto your brushes; every time they come into contact with your skin. Especially if you use them on clients; it is possible that you are picking up germs and transferring them to the skin. Washing makeup brushes should be a regular part of one’s beauty routine; whether by doing it daily or weekly but not monthly. When you use makeup brushes bits of makeup, oil dirt and even bacteria often times get trapped between the brush bristles. Taking proper care of your makeup brushes can prevent clogged pores and pesky breakouts; it also helps to maintain the quality of your brush. So learning how to clean the brushes properly is one of the best ways to protect your investment. 

    Cleaning makeup brushes is very quick and easy. For daily cleaning one can purchase a daily brush cleaner and by spraying it on the brushes after each use will help to maintain the brushes. For once a week, a deep cleaning treatment is required. (Note that brushes will need more time to dry after deep cleaning). 

    [amazon_link asins=’B002HMYF8W,B0746GVZ41,B01GE74850,B014QXKQ5U’ template=’ProductCarousel’ store=’beauwithfasha-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’d57d0411-bf48-11e7-97e8-816b6f0f679d’]

    Wash your brushes preferably at night and allow them to dry so they will be ready for the next day, or right after you apply your makeup. You just want to make sure you allow enough time for them to dry thoroughly before using.

    Follow these steps to learn how to deep clean makeup brushes

    You will need
    ·         A shallow bowl 
    ·         Gentle clarifying shampoo or baby shampoo
    ·         Olive oil
    ·         Water
    ·         Paper Towel or clean cloth


    1.     Run your brushes under lukewarm water, rinse out all of the makeup residues. Focus mainly on the actual bristles and avoid water to get close to the handle; as this can loosen the glue that holds the bristles.
    2.     Fill the bowl with lukewarm water and add a small amount of shampoo and olive oil then gently swirl the brush tip in the water. You can also swirl the brush bristles in the palm of your hand to work up a lather.
    3.      Rinse the brush bristles under running water and repeat steps 2 and then rinse until the water runs clear from the brush bristles.
    4.     Use a cloth or paper towel to wipe brush clean, and reshape bristles as you go.
    5.     Lay the brushes flat on a cloth or paper towel to dry.

    There are also specially formulated brush cleaning shampoo on the market, that can be purchased online or in stores. A gentle clarifying or baby shampoo will do the trick though.

    Cinema Brush Cleaner
    Sephora, M.A.C & e.l.f brush cleaners
    Brush Cleaning Tips
    ·         To clean the handle of the brush, use rubbing alcohol to disinfect the handles
    ·         Apply clear nail polish over the numbers or names that are written on the brush, so they will not wear off and brushes will be easier to be identified
    ·         To keep brushes feeling soft use a small amount of conditioner and massage it gently into the bristles, rinse with lukewarm water and lay flat to dry.

    How to Clean Makeup Brushes
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