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    DIY Homemade Deep Conditioner for Protein Sensitive Natural Hair

    If your hair is protein sensitive it is said to be that your hair will feel dry, brittle or becomes broken after applying a protein rich product or a deep conditioner. If you apply a super protein rich product in your hair and you start to experience a lot of damage, dull strands and a straw-like texture then your hair is protein sensitive.

    This homemade recipe was designed especially for protein sensitive hair so that one’s hair can feel soft, manageable, voluminous, tangle free, hair shedding free and to achieve shiny defined curls.

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  • InSkin Care

    Influenster Vox Box: Gillette Venus Embrace Sensitive Skin Review

    Gillette Venus Embrace Sensitive Skin

    Gillette Venus Embrace Sensitive Skin

    Shaving for me is like a daily habit, I often times get miserable when I feel that prickly hair growing back within less than a week. I have tried, used and reused several methods of hair removal tools. But is there really a trick to achieve that long lasting smooth skin? Why does the hair always grow back? Some hair removal tools and remedies swear by their name, but it just doesn’t work as how it’s supposed to. Read more