Style Guide to Shop for Fascinators Online

A fascinator is a fashion statement and also a high society event staple and with its long and varied history, it will always be a fashion accessory with unique variants. For many fashion critics, fascinators are baffling fashion choice given that these are generally worn in all-day occasions where they appear to be oddly restricting. Nevertheless, the popularity of fascinators has never declined. Fashion designers work day and night to come up with new and innovative ideas for fascinator styles. Choosing a fascinator takes a lot of time for any individual as it completely redefines one’s personal style.

Fascinators Online

Fascinators Online

There is a wide range of styles and designs in fascinators. It is impossible for the boutiques in your city to stock them all. This leaves you with the only option – buying fascinators online. While surfing the internet, you get to explore a wide spectrum of classy styling with fashion designers introducing various designs and styles inspired by the fascinators flaunted in several high elite social events. But online shopping, especially such classy fashion accessories may cause a lot of confusion as it is difficult to find the best suiting item without trying it on physically. So, when you want to buy a fascinator online, there are several things to keep in mind. I, being a fashion enthusiast myself, am trying to help. When it comes to buying fascinators online, follow my cues and you will never have a fashion fail.

The fabric:

The fascinator you choose must match your outfit perfectly. In a physical store, you can easily check whether the outfit and the fascinator match or not. But while buying a fascinator online, this is not possible. So, to get exactly what you need, there is one easy trick. Just look at the properties of the item mentioned below it. Any website would make it a point to mention the fabric material and style details along with the colour shade details. So, all you need to do is check whether the fabric of the fascinator matches with that of your outfit.

Fascinators Online


This again is a problem like the fabric problem. For any fascinator to give a classy look to an outfit, the colour combination must be on fleek. You can always experiment with various colour combinations. But, while shopping for fascinators online, you should know every computer screen has a different colour scheme and resolution setting. Also, the light effect during the photography of the items may play games with your judgment. We all remember the #Thedress debate on Twitter that made the internet go into a frenzy about whether the colour of the dress is blue and black or white and gold. Taking notes from that, we should be aware of the games light plays with our eyes. Thus, it is better to ask the seller to send you several pictures taken from various angles and in varying light to help you get a clear idea of the colour shade.

How is it worn?

This is a question of every fascinator. While shopping for it in a physical store, you can try it on and see if the way it is worn is comfortable or not. But, this is again not possible while shopping for fascinators online. But, there is a trick to help you through this too. Try on fascinators with varying styles of wearing and give each wearing style a rank in terms of comfort of wearing. As these ranks vary for every individual, only you can determine this for yourself. Once this is done, you can filter your choices based on these preferences while shopping online.

With these 3 major confusions out of the picture, while shopping for fascinators online, you can pick the fascinator that matches the best with your outfit. Happy shopping!


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