Why We Should All Explore The Great Outdoors

Sometimes we crave fresh, clean air, the beauty of a mountain vista backdrop and the tranquility of the great outdoors. It doesn’t matter whether we usually love the buzz of the nightclub scene, find ourselves glued to Facebook on our tablets or love catching up on the latest reality TV gossip, sometimes we just ache for simplicity. The natural world allows us to remove ourselves from our technology-laden days and affords us some time out from the stresses and strains of our busy lives. Whether you love the idea of an action-packed outdoors adventure or whether you want to retreat to a peaceful natural getaway, take a look at these three destinations that will fulfill your hankering to get back to nature.

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Grand Canyon

Known globally as an awe-inspiring spectacle, the Grand Canyon is visited by over four million visitors every year. The giant gaping chasm in Arizona state deserves its place on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sights. The north rim is perhaps less tourist-heavy with miles of unspoilt rugged trails and hiking paths that allow you to truly immerse yourself in the landscape. If you’re into mountain biking and love the adrenaline rush of steep descents; there are many trails catering for the most ardent of bikers. If a more leisurely pony trek around the canyon is more your style; there are plenty of opportunities to hoist yourself up into a saddle and explore this natural wonder.

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Pennsylvanian Mountains

Famous for its incredible ziplines, hiking trails and high ropes; the mountain resorts in Pennsylvania have something to offer every sort of vacationer. You may want to relax in a heated outdoor swimming pool; while your other half scares himself half to death on a mammoth zipline. You could choose to find a cabin for rent to stay in the center of it all, with a wealth of outdoor activities on your doorstep. If an outdoor adventure with a stunning forest-laden mountain backdrop is the sort of vacation you’re looking for; this could be just what you’re after.

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Some argue that the lush green island of Kauai is the best that the Hawaiian archipelago has to offer its many visitors. You could find yourself snorkeling with the most beautifully exotic and colorful fishes that the tropics have to offer; taking a jaunt around Waimea Canyon or kayaking in the ocean off the white sandy coastline. The na pali coast is a rocky outcrop of rugged clifftops and off the beaten track hiking trails; perfect for those holidaymakers who want to escape the tourist trap. If you fancy a spot of surfing, the less well-known kalapaki beach will provide the best waves with fewer beach bods to contend with.

Getting closer to nature is hard when we are constantly working longer hours; have to fulfill our social calendar requirements and live in smog-filled city center dwellings. When you’re planning your next vacation; take some time out to enjoy the peace, quiet and tranquility of the great outdoors.

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