Natural Hair Care Tips

I have compiled a list of natural hair care tips for newly transition hair and naturalistas. With these tips, you should achieve healthy hair, with manageability and hair growth.

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60 Hair Care Tips for your Natural Hair

1.     Always Pre-poo before wash day
2.     Deep condition every time you wash your hair; it helps to keep the hair moisturize
3.     Trim your hair ends for growth
4.     Don’t get addicted to heat or over manipulation
5.     Work in sections to evenly distribute product to hair
6.     Use gel to hold curls and diffuse the curls, don’t touch with hands until hair is completely dry to prevent frizzing.
7.     If you have a hard time with retaining moisture mix organic apple cider vinegar, with 4-5 parts of shampoo and 12 oz. of water and use to cleanse the hair.
8.     Learn and understand your hair’s porosity.
9.     Coconut oil is not for everyone. Try experimenting with other oils if coconut oil does not work for you.
10. When laying your edges use a moisturizer or curling cream along with the gel to keep your edges moisturized because most gels use alcohols that can dry out your edges. For. Ecostyler gel..

11. Use 1-part vegetable glycerin to spray in hair when it feels dry
12. Moisturize the hair before detangling to prevent breakage and easier comb through.
13. Deep condition weekly and do hot oil treatments once a month on natural hair. If hair is not protein sensitive do a 2-minute protein treatment once every 2-3 mths.
14. Deep condition every week with heat or a steamer.
15. Be gentle with your hair
16. If you have type 4 hair and considering bleaching it, apply coconut oil to the hair 30 minutes before applying bleach. The coconut oil helps to protect the hair and replaces the protein that gets destroyed during the process and helps the process of bleaching to go faster. Your hair pattern and texture will also remain the same.
17. Trim more often than less for faster hair growth
18. Do not skip deep treatments and protein treatments after wearing protective styles.
19. Avoid styling hair every day
20. Finger detangle as much as possible, it causes less breakage and shedding. Use green tea to help prevent shedding.

21. Use products that offer slip and has an extra moisture in them
22. When deep conditioning it is best to use a hair dryer for maximum benefits to your hair. You will see changes gradually.
23. For better curls; plait your hair or do a two-strand twist.
24. Start by eating healthy and drink plenty water if you want your hair to grow.
25. If ends become dry add some water to it.
26. Keep hair moisturized.
27. When wearing a sew in oil the hair underneath.
28. Less manipulation will have your hair flourishing.
29. When deep conditioning mix other oils and essential oils that help to moisturize and promote hair growth.
30. When using castor oil, allow the bottle to sit in hot water for about 15 minutes to loosen the product then use an applicator to apply the product to the scalp.

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Natural Hair Care

31. Avoid using products with alcohol it dries out the hair fast.
32. Scalp massages promote hair growth.

33. Don’t comb dry hair.
34. Make use of silk scarves daily.
35. Seal in oil while hair is wet.
36. Use olive oil for as an overnight conditioner.
37. Apple cider vinegar rinses stimulate hair growth and prevent hair loss and split ends.
38. Seal edges at night by using oils such as grapeseed oil or any essential oils with saran wrap. Put a satin cap on with a rubber.
39. Embrace your natural texture and find your own hair regimen and stick with it.
40. Do not stress over length; your hair is longer than you think.

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41. Exfoliate your scalp to remove dead skin cells.
42. When wearing protective styles such as box braids, if they become frizzy take some foam moose and apply it to your roots and let it sit for a while. Proceed to use the blow dryer on medium heat to dry the braids until the foam is gone but not until the hair is completely dry.
43. Wash hair with cold water, hot water makes hair frizzy and will let the hair dry out faster and strip it from the natural oils.
44. For thicker hair and edges; oil hair with castor oil at least 2-3 times a week.
45. Rice water rinses once a week promotes hair growth and smoother hair. Prior deep condition.
46. Styling for the week is better than styling for the day.
47. Spend time on your hair to ease frustration.
48. Scrunch your curls by using a lightweight oil before putting on your bonnet at nights, it helps your curls to look less flat.
49. Mix conditioner, lemon juice, coconut oil and cinnamon and use as a hair masque. Leave in for up to 30 mins.
50. If your scalp is constantly dry it can be an internal problem of dehydration. Increase your water intake.

51. Make use of DIY Protein Treatment: 1 cup of plain Greek Yogurt, 1 tbsp. avocado oil, 1 tbsp. Macadamia Oil. It will leave your hair shiny and soft.

52. Find creative ways to style your hair without the use of heat.

53. Detangle hair while conditioning then proceeds to blot away excess water with a t-shirt and allow it to air dry.
54. Using water and conditioner before brushing helps hair to maintain curls.
55. Clarify your hair.
56. Use wide tooth combs.
57. Instead of blow drying, stretch your hair.
58. To revive edges and retain growth use the white bottle wild growth.
59. Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize, moisturization is key for every natural.
60. Find what works for you, natural hair care is about trial and error. Don’t go based on what you see or hear is popular.
If you have any more tips please feel free to share in the comment box below. I will update the list as I go along.

Natural Hair Care Tips

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