Why You Don’t Need To Deal With Brace Face Any Longer

Are you on the lookout for a Hollywood smile? Do you want to transform your teeth so that they stand out for the right reasons? Lots of adults get to this point, yet decide against the procedures. Why? It’s because grown ups don’t want to wear braces. Even if you are not at school anymore, a mouth full of metal still doesn’t go a long way.

But, instead of accepting defeat, there is a solution. As it turns out, there are quite a few ways of fixing a smile without having to deal with brace face. If you are curious, below are the tricks that can make it happen.

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Back Braces
The lucky ones only have a few couple of problem areas to fix. If those areas are the front teeth on the lower and upper jaw, you are in luck because dentists can fit a back brace. Of course, as it goes on the back of your teeth, it is almost undetectable unless you less someone play around in your mouth! Plus, it works just as well as a front brace and gets remarkable results. All you have to do is ask your dentist about the possibility of a back brace over a front one.

For those of you who aren’t lucky, the next step is to use Invisalign products. As the name suggests, the straighteners go on your teeth but they are almost invisible. The reason for this is the fact they are made from a clear material. Once applied to your teeth, it camouflages itself against the natural white of the teeth’s enamel. Of course, to compare braces to Invisalign without the right context is not useful because both have their pros and cons. However, if subtlety is what you require, the decision is a no-brainer.

Cosmetic Dentistry
To avoid any braces whatsoever, the only option is to go under the knife. Yes, some people think it is a drastic option, but it might be the only valid one. After all, more than 95% of the procedures go without a hitch, which is incredible considering it is one of the most popular forms of surgery. Plus, the results are instantaneous and the procedure is over within a couple of hours. Sure, the price is high, but sometimes it’s worth paying extra to avoid the inconvenience of having braces.

Normally, a retainer helps to align problems with the jaw, such as an overbite. However, there are cases when it can also deal with teeth issues. For example, if your teeth are slightly crooked, a mouth guard is a realistic possibility. With the help of dental cement, the retainer stops the teeth from moving out of place, keeping them straight. The best thing about this method is the fact you don’t have to wear it in public. Most dentists and orthodontists suggest wearing it during the night so that no one will see you at your worst!

Nowadays, if your teeth aren’t up to scratch, there are plenty of options that don’t include a mouth full of metal.

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