Who To Hire For Your Wedding?

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There’s a lot of organisation involved in a wedding. Whilst some roles can be carried out by friends and family, other tasks may be best placed in the hands of professionals in order to ensure things run smoothly. Here are some of those professionals that may be worth hiring (although not all are necessary).

If you’re getting married in a place of worship, a religious leader may be able to take the service. If this isn’t the case, you’ll need a registrar to conduct the marriage. Fees can vary so feel free to shop around. Getting married in winter can sometimes be less expensive as there are less people getting married and registrars will compete more to get business.   

You’ll want food and drinks for your wedding. The venue you’re getting married at/having your reception at may already have a catering service on offer. If not, you’ll have to shop around for one. There are many ways to save costs in this area – you could hire chefs that cook at the table, sparing the need for waiting staff whilst making meal time that bit more theatrical. Alternatively, you could make it a buffet meal.

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A professional photographer may be worth hiring to get some quality snaps of the day, giving you memories to keep hold of forever after. Videography is also a popular option that could allow to relive your wedding in motion. Photographers can also be hired to take snaps prior to the day if you want some outside photos but have doubts about the weather on the day.

Music is important for both the ceremony and the after-party at the reception. You can play a recorded track as you go down the aisle or hire a musician such as a string quartet or a singer. If you’re getting married in a church, an organist will most likely be able to accompany the ceremony. For the evening, you’ll then need to hire a DJ. Try to hire someone with wedding experience that can judge the wedding audience and get people up.

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A chauffeur could be worth hiring to drive the bride to the wedding. Many will be able to supply a car, although you have the option to decorate your own car up to drive to the venue. There are also many alternative forms of transport such as a wedding bus or a horse and carriage that could make your wedding a little different.

The decorations are also important. A venue may be able to do all this for you. If not you may need to invest in a wedding decorator to provide these for you, or buy your own decorations and design how it looks yourself. You’ll need to also visit a florist and get some flowers for the occasion. Decide whether you want flowers all over the place or if a large flower feature in a prominent place will do. You may also want bouquets and boutonnieres – check that a florist can provide these.

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