I Just Don’t Know! How To Deal With Uncertainty

Are you someone that always knows their own mind or can you be indecisive at times? If you are, then it may not cause you too much hassle day to day with the little things like deciding what to have for dinner, or which lipstick to wear. But for bigger life issues, it can be a real pain in the behind. But stress not, because there are some ways that you can deal with being uncertain and still move forward with your life. Read on to find out what they are.

Pros and Cons
Firstly, if you are spending hours and hours wringing your hands with worry and generally making yourself depressedover decisions you have to make, why not try a pros and cons list?
This entails creating a chart and putting the positive things about your choice on one side and the negative things on the other.
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Then you can compare each side and see whether the positive things you will get from your choice outweighs the negative things.
Of course, you do have to be careful you don’t just add up the points on each side and work on that basis. As some things that you write down may have a lot more weight than the others.

You can even get flow charts and table from the internet to help you do this. In particular look for Richard N. Bolles of What Color Is My Parachute Fame’s priority grid. As this can help you realize what is most important to you in a mix of many different factors.

Seek Advice
Your next recourse when you are consumed with uncertainty about a decision that you have to make is to seek advice from others.
You could make a cup of coffee and sit down with you best friend to have a chat about your issue. Or you could take a trip home, and see what you parents and siblings have to say about it.

You could even consult a spiritual advisor in your faith, or spend some time in psychic chatrooms to help you make your decision. Just make sure that it’s someone that you trust before you open up about your whole life.
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Of course, you just need to be aware that while the process of discussing your choices through with someone can be very helpful in allowing you to get clarity. But ultimately it is always you that will have to make the financial decision for your life.

Trust Your Gut
Next, when you are uncertain about an issue, there is always something to be said for trusting your gut.
Now, some of us are more inclined to do this because of our personality typessuch as INFP or INFJ, as this is already the way that we tend to understand the world.
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However, that doesn’t mean everyone else can’t get in touch with these feelings as well. 

Although, if you get really stuck, then flip a coin. Even if it doesn’t come up with the face that you want, it will instantly tell you what you really want to do from your reaction. Try it, it really works! 

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