Common Mistakes when Removing Gel Polishes at Home

Gel nail polishes are heaven-sent. Gel polishes like Svensson Gel Nail Polish last and stick much longer than normal nail polishes. We’ve seen famous celebrities with perfect manicured nails all the time. But one of the biggest problems women encounter with gel polish is the do-it-yourself removal process which can leave nails weak and damaged if not done properly. In this post, we provide you with some essential tips on how to prevent this.

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Avoid Peeling

This is probably one of the biggest mistakes most women make. Gel that is peeled and scraped off improperly can really damage your nails. Like all parts of the human body, our nails are composed of cells and when you begin to pull off the gel in an aggressive manner, you’re not just getting rid of the polish, but you’re also removing the top most layer of your nails’ cells.
Keep in mind that while you can have a gel manicure every two weeks, it is better for your nails to have a break for a week (during which time you can use ordinary nail polish) and then resume your gel manicure on the fourth week. In addition, remove your gel manicure after two weeks – even if it still looks good – as it will be harder to remove the gel if you wear the gel nails for a longer period of time.
Importance of Having the Proper Tools
It is ideal to have your gel nail polish be removed by a professional, but you can also attain the same results right in the comfort of your own home – and ensure that the process is not be damaging to your nails – provided you have the right tools. What you will need are acetone, a nail stick made of wood, some cotton balls and foil.
You’ll need a really strong acetone for removing gel polish, but there is no need to buy any of the expensive brands that are advertised for removing gel polishes – just buy an acetone that is labelled as maximum or extreme strength.
Cuticle Protection
You also need to make sure that your cuticles are properly protected. The key here is creating some type of “wall” between the acetone and your cuticles. You can use an ointment like Aquaphor for this. This “wall” layer can help prevent your cuticles from getting damaged through the process since in order for the gel to be properly removed, you have to entirely cover your nails with cotton wool soaked in acetone, and then wrap  with the foil. 
Importance of Moisturizing your Nails
After you have removed all the gel polish, your nails will tend to look a little dry so it is essential to moisturize your nails right away. Nail oil is recommended by the professionals. Another method to recover your nails after removing a gel manicure is to give it some time to rest at least overnight and hydrate it. You can do this by applying to your cuticles a suitable amount of Aquaphor or even Vaseline. Simply rub it gently into your nails before you head off to bed.
Follow these tips and you will be able to enjoy all the advantages of using a long-lasting nail polish – but without the hassles of removing it – and you’ll be keeping your nails in a healthy condition too.

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