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I have nice natural, long, beautiful nails, so I take pride in doing my nails at home. Occasionally I would get my nails done at a salon but I’m not a big fan of fake fingernails as this tends to damage my natural nails.

Trust Fund Beauty nail polish is non-toxic; 100% vegan, cruelty-free, paraben-free and GMO-free. Today, I will review Trust Fund Beauty nail polish in colour/shade name I Give Good Tweet. This shade is described as a shimmery deep blue non-toxic and cruelty free nail polish.

Size: 17 mL 0.57 fl. Oz
Price: $12

Trust Fund Beauty
Trust Fund Beauty: I Give  Good Tweet

Trust Fund Beauty Nail Polish I Give Good Tweet looks closely to a nice sky blue on my nails that wears beautiful during the day. After applying the first coat of Trust Fund Beauty Nail Polish I wasn’t pleased as my nails weren’t fully coated, so I did a second coat which took about 8-10 minutes to completely dry after spraying on Onyx Nail Dryer.

Trust Fund Beauty Nail Polish I Give Good Tweet is perfect for the summer time especially if you are looking for a bright colour that will pop on your nails. The nail polish left a natural sheen prior to top coat. I wore the nail polish for up to a week before it started to strip excessively from my nails. The nail polish dries to a soft coat that could be easily ripped from nails without using nail remover. I could easily peel off the nail polish.

Product rating

The packaging is a bit slender with a square shape, it fits in my nail polish holder perfectly. If you turn the bottle upside down you can identify the name of the shade which is stated in just words “I Give Good Tweet”. If shaken you can hear the sound of a ball rolling inside.

I love the Trust Fund Beauty Nail Polish it goes on perfectly smooth, the colour is gorgeous and two (2) coats is just enough to have my nails looking good, it is easy to remove and does not stain my nails.

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