Beauty Bloggers Brawl 2017

The annual Summer Beauty Bloggers Brawl is nearing. This is my first time being a part of this Beauty Blogger collaboration and this should be fun since I get to review 10 top picks product of my choice and to give my honest opinion whether I like them or not.

Beauty Bloggers Brawl
Image Credit: Emma Drury
What is the Bloggers Beauty Brawl?
This is a group of beauty bloggers coming together to review 10 beauty products over 10 consecutive days starting on the 3rd of June 2017 until the 12th of June. For example, day one I can review my favorite liquid lipstick from any brand, day 2 my favorite or worse beauty buy product and the list continues until day 10.
List of Beauty Products types that the collaborated bloggers will be reviewing per day.
Day 1: Liquid Lipstick
Day 2: Brow Product
Day 3: Eyeliner – liquid or pencil
Day 4: Makeup Remover
Day 5: Nail varnish – summer colour
Day 6: Face Mask
Day 7: Primer
Day 8: False Eye lashes
Day 9: Hand Cream
Day 10: Bronzer

Products are chosen based on individual bloggers selection. Stay tune for each day to see my picks. I will also link back to participating beauty bloggers in my daily thread, so you will get an idea of the exciting products each bloggers are reviewing. The bloggers will also rate each product out of 100 by playing a virtual game of beauty Top Trumps. Bloggers are required to honestly and openly review each product type based on the predetermined list of criteria which includes product, price and packaging.

Beauty Brawl
Image Credit: Emma Drury 

How do bloggers get products for reviewing?
Bloggers can choose to buy their choice of ten (10) beauty products or they can source them from sponsors. Products can be budget friendly or high end product.
What is Top Trumps Cards and where can I find it?
The Top Trumps card app is available for IOS devices. Each blogger is required to download the app and create their unique cards with product, price and packaging rating and an image of the daily product that is being reviewed.
Are there any rules?
1)    Bloggers are required to review the same product type on the same day.
2)    Bloggers are required to review their products honestly and score fairly even if they don’t like the product.
3)    Bloggers must have their post published before 6pm each day.
4)    Bloggers must write an introductory post explaining what the Beauty Brawl is all  about.
5)    Products that are being reviewed must be new.
How do I join?
The collaboration is ran through a Facebook group called Blogger’s Beauty Brawl 2017, send a request to be added.

Blogger's Beauty Brawl 2017

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