Wash n’ Go on 4B/4C Hair

Wash n’ Go! We see the style, we love the curls and we want our hair in the same exact style but often times we consider is this style for my hair type? My first wash n’ go was done by my friend. It was a Saturday evening I washed my hair made a trip to her house. She started to work the products into my freshly washed hair by separating section by section and going through with a Denman brush.

After the products were applied to my hair I diffused for about 2 hours until my hair was dried enough from the roots. The turnout was amazing and I slayed that wash n’ go, everyone loved it.
Second Wash n’ Go Attempt

On my second time doing a wash n’ go I was hesitant to try on my own, so I purchase III Sisters of Nature Natural Curling Gelo from the beauty store and I used it along with the Eco-Styler Gel. Upon reaching home I washed my hair and watched a few tutorials on how to achieve a wash n’ go just to ensure that I get the job done right. I used every step mentioned in the YouTube videos but my attempt was terrible after my hair became dry. While my hair was wet the curls were popping but as it became dry my hair became flat and soft to the touch.

My Wash n’ Go Routine
  • Freshly washed hair drench with water
  • Curling cream completely coating each strand of hair
  • With a strong holding gel
  • Denman brush to define curls or finger shingling/coiling method
  • Diffuse or air dry
Third Wash n’ Go Attempt
On my third attempt of doing a wash n’ go I used the Eco Styler Gel along with Cantu Coconut Curling Cream and raked the product through my hair with a bit of finger coiling. My curls were super defined but after drying I find that my hair was filled with residues sitting on the top of my hair.
Through all my wash n’ go attempts I will try again until I get it right. Finding the perfect wash n’ go routine is not always easy. For some, it will take multiple attempts, even though the steps are very simple. Not all products work well together, so this can be a disadvantage of achieving the perfect wash n’ go hairstyle. I also find that wash n’ go on my hair type leads to breakage.

What products do you use for your wash n’ go hairstyle? Please leave your comments below.

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  1. When I used to do wash n go, I would just use the pantene conditioner that i used in the shower. People always asked me what I used, and never believed me when I said that I just used the cheap conditioner. I have very tight curls and they would be very defined. Now that my hair is longer, I sort of wash n go. I don't put anything in it, I just wash it and do two flat twists to the back like a crown while I am in the shower, and go.

  2. My daughter has been wearing her natural hair out more and says the same thing about her wash and gos. Sounds like it takes a lot of time and patience to perfect.

  3. I only wash and go my hair. I have been doing it for years because I suck at twist outs lol. Cantu Curling creme is literally my go to for styling and defining my curls.

  4. When I was wearing my hair out on the regular I found my wash n go's were more successful in my TWA phase. I haven't worn my hair out in awhile and will be cutting it soon. I hope you find the perfect product that works just right for you!

  5. I have to say I don't misss this battle. Before I locd I definitely went through my share of not so great wash n go's. I did finally perfect it but now I don't remember the product I used to achieve it. The Denman brush definitely worked well for me.

  6. I am 7 years natural and still have not mastered the WNG. I have to manipulate my hair so much I've mostly given up. But I can do an amazing flexi-set and my twist outs are bomb! I say that to say – keep trying. 🙂

  7. I've been natural since 2009 and my wash n go's are still trial and error. I may switch up the leave-in but eco styler is my go to gel. It's affordable and gives me the hold I need.

  8. I love reading about Wash N' Go's…out of all the things I have tried with my hair these are the ones that are right for my hair and we have the same texture. I know a lot of people say they're hard for them but they work really great for me.

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