How to Spruce Up Your Wall with PIXERS

Spruce up your wall decor with Pixers
Image source: Pixers
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Tired of seeing boring walls with the same plain coloured paint. Why not make these walls more vibrant by adding a few wall murals, photo wallpaper customized to your desired size and image. Having the ability to customize wall murals from your own image can spruce up your environment giving you a mesmerizing final effect. These can be used for special occasions such as birthday parties, weddings, and even for your everyday life (bedroom, kitchen, office and other commercial space) and if you are someone like me then this comes in handy as a DIY photographic background for bloggers.
PIXERS focuses on the use of photography to make your idea comes alive through photographic prints seen on wall decals, wall murals, wallpapers and much more. You can be living a whole different experience by using PIXERS to enhance your surroundings.

Types of Wall Murals

At PIXERS they have a selection of wall murals, so if you are planning to decorate and still undecided PIXERS can help you with selecting the wall mural that will work best for you. Here are 3 types of wall murals provided by PIXERS:
1.     PIXERStick Wall Mural is durable and matte, reusable and made with a self-adhesive material.
2.     Vinyl Premium Wall Mural is durable and has a semi-glossy non-woven finish.
3.     Vinyl Wall Mural is durable and has a matte non-woven finish.
PIXERS has a wide range of wall murals, mural stickers, photo wallpaper and canvas to choose from. They are also available in vinyl, aluminum, canvas, PVC print and acrylic.

Spruce up your wall decor with Pixers
Image source: Pixers

Having looked through the website; PIXERS has tons of selections to choose from, so right away I was not sure what to get. With PIXERS live chat service I was able to connect with a representative who helped me around the site. PIXERS did not have exactly what I was looking for but with their customized print service, I am able to upload my custom print and receive my wall mural in 6 business days perfected to my liking. The wall murals are self-adhesive and easy to apply to flat surface.
With PIXERS you are able to visualize the wall mural on screen in a setting (bedroom, office etc.) before making your purchase.
I am looking forward to decorating my bedroom in the future and PIXERS have a wide range of inspiration that caught my eye I can select from when it comes to posters, stickers and wall murals.
PIXERS website is themed accordingly, so it is easy to navigate and find what you are looking for. 

Spruce up your wall decor with Pixers
Image Source: Pixers

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  1. That looks really lovely! I think it's nice to have a decor like this at home especially if you have a blank wall and you're not quite sure what to do with it.

  2. This is awesome! I browsed through their website and loved the selection of wall murals, especially the flowers and the landscape designs. If I would consider getting one, I'd pick a view of the beach with a beautiful sunset in the horizon.

  3. My sister did a wall mural of a large oak tree which she then printed family names on each branch making it a family tree. It really is a focal point to the room… Richard B

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