5 Ways to Combat Hair Wash Day

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product junkie

When it comes on to hair wash day it can be considered as being time-consuming. As it takes ample time to detangle and cleanse the natural hair from product buildup, flakes and more that accumulates on the hair shaft and scalp. Other times we become this lazy natural and just wanna get past wash day. Here are some methods listed below that can combat wash day:


If you are looking for a wash day method that will save you ample time then co-washing is for you. Co-wash involves skipping the shampoo and going straight to the conditioner along with water to cleanse the hair. You can also find Co-wash products in stores. Two of my favorite Co-wash products are As I Am Coconut Co-wash and Loreal 6 in 1 Cleansing Balm. You can use any conditioner of choice as long as it works for you. Co-wash usage depends on how often you wash your hair. I usually go with Co-washing weekly or just for a quick wash during the week and shampoo if my hair has huge amounts of build-up.

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If you have been wearing your hair loose in styles such as wash n go, twist out etc. all week then you might want to start first by detangling with a conditioner before you proceed to wash with shampoo.  The detangling process will be much easier as the conditioner provides great slip that will help to soften the hair and makes it easier to detangle. Wide tooth comb can snag on hairs and cause breakage, finger detangling can be time-consuming but it should be the first choice. By finger detangling, you can save way more hair than using the wide tooth comb.

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Put Hair in Sections

Part hair in two (2) to four (4) sections and tie each in a bun. By sectioning, this will eliminate the amount of time spent on wash day. The hair becomes easier to manage when working in sections. Shampoo and condition each section as you go. This method is perfect for long, thick hair.

Pre-poo on a Hair Wash Day

I have been doing Pre-poo for as long as I can remember back when I use to relax my hair. Pre-poo treatment prepares your hair for shampoo. Pre-poo protects the hair from being stripped of its natural oil and become dry. Follow up with moisturizing shampoo for best results after doing a pre-poo.

Condition Hair

Always apply a condition to hair after washing. Conditions add moisture into the hair as well as making it soft and manageable.

I hope these methods will help you to combat your wash day routine. We all have our lazy hair wash day and by using these methods it should not take you the entire day to wash and style your hair. If you have any more hair wash day ideas, feel free to share below. 
Natural Hair Wash Day

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  1. I hate hair wash day – my hair looks awful unless I blow dry it and it takes forever. I need to find some great products to make the whole process easier but I'm rubbish with hair!

  2. It's really important to have a routine, especially when it comes to your skin or your hair. These are very good tips. My mother always told me to condition my hair.

  3. I'm using natural shampoos that do not lead to product buildups, so my hair stays clean longer. Co-washing sounds interesting. Have to give it a try!

  4. OK, I think the term 'pre-poo' is too cute…even though it makes me think of something completely different than what it's supposed to mean. I recently discovered the benefits of co-washing, and sometimes, use this method of hair care.

  5. I use a very simple shampoo and conditioner process. The biggest variation to my process is when I choose to condition then shampoo – I do that about once a week.

  6. These are spot on. I don't know how people go all day to wash their hair. I take 30 min to an hour tops. I haven't cowashed much this winter.

  7. I do not really have a hairwashing day per say. I wash my hair every other night. I also do not have any rituals for doing it either. The tips you provided sound interesting. I am going to try some out.

  8. I'm the crazy one that LOVES wash day. My hair is currently in Havana twists and I miss wash day already. Washing in sections and taking the time to adequately condition my hair has helped tremendously and makes me want to yell at my mother for the horrid memories of when I was younger! lol

  9. It is also best to use clarifying shampoo at least once a week so you can get rid of all the impurities that build up on your hair, or better yet, opt for natural hair products to begin with. These are great hair tips, I sure hope you can come up with something about how to combat hair fall.

  10. I gave up on wash day LOL I now get my hair washed and blow-dried at a nearby salon and they get done in 30 min what takes me 2 hours + When my hair was shorter though, these tips were golden!

  11. I hate wash day, I just cannot be bother lol. I have done co-wash before but I feel as if It doesn't get rid enough grease and dirt from the hair. I have never considered conditioning before washing but that's what is done before relaxing so I am not sure why that didn't come up before.

    Delaine | http://delainemyles.com

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