Brazilian Silky Straight Hair for Protective Style

Brazilian Silky Straight Hair
Brazilian Silky Straight Hair

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As a Naturalista sometimes I want to give my hair a break from the everyday or once a week styling. By doing this I would wear braids or weave. The last time I had my hair in red and black box braids and everyone loved it. This time I will be rocking this soft and shiny Brazilian Silky Straight hair in 20”/22”/24” and Brazilian Silky Straight Closure 18” from Private Label Extensions. I choose the Brazilian Silky Straight hair because I can style it anyhow I desire by wearing it curly or straight. The hair is 100% Brazilian so it is able to be used with heat (curling iron, flat iron etc.)

This hair is silky and soft to the touch I like how it feels running through my fingers. There are no signs of shedding and the hair does not have a bad scent. The Brazilian Silky Straight hair is true to the length and of perfect quality. It can be reused multiple times after the first install and take down. With these bundles, I can do a full head of hair along with a closure for a natural look and no leave out. I wouldn’t want to leave out any hair since my hair is of kinky curly natural texture nor do I want to touch up my roots or straighten with a flat iron, so I prefer to wear a closure. At Private Label Extensions they sell closures that match perfectly with the bundles sold. The closure is for placement on top of the crown of the hair.

This Brazilian Silky Straight hair is also good for colour, it can be dyed in any shade to your liking. I will be wearing the hair in its natural color before I choose to dye it. I might do an ombre look and alter the length to my liking.

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My first impression of the hair was that it looks thin but when I put all bundles together I saw the full thickness of the hair. Combing through the hair I did not experience any form of shedding. I love the silkiness and natural sheen of the hair. Too many times I have purchased hair online and it has a bad scent, with this hair from Private Label Extensions I did not experience any form of bad smell.

Brazilian Straight hair

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  1. I normally leave the choice of hair to my stylist when I go for a protective style but it is good to know a bit more so that I can also make an informed decision if needed.

  2. Purchasing extensions online continues to be big business for busy people, it remains a concern that quality products are available. I'm glad businesses are partnering with beauty bloggers to help consumers make a good choice.

  3. I typically only wear braids or my own hair because I've always hated the shedding that came with weaves I've tried many, MANY years ago before 'bundles' were a thing. Which is probably why I hadn't tried it since. However, I love that this isn't the case for this hair. I also like that it can be colored because I love, love, LOVE purple right now!

  4. I've never tried a weave. I purchased a kinky-curly one over the summer and it's just sitting there. I have no idea what to do. lol good review.

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