5 Things To Do With Natural Hair Products You Don’t Like

5 Things To Do With Natural Hair Products You Don't Like
5 Things To Do With Natural Hair Products You Don’t Like

When it comes to shopping for our natural hair it becomes a means of trial and error. We buy products, we try them and later to find out that our hair does not like that specific product. It shows when our hairstyle did not turn out as expected, too much product build-up, white flakes etc. You name it!!!.
This is the after effect of watching a million and one Natural Hair YouTube Vloggers. We watch these videos and are introduce to these natural hair products, hairstyles, natural hair care tips that might work for us. This in return results in lots and lots of impulsive purchases. Our house now becomes an at home salon or the looks of a hair section in the drugstore aisle.

With our new knowledge of these introduced product/s, we buy and take it home for our own trial and error purposes. After trying we realize that the product texture is horrible, the smell is off and often times we are unable to return it especially if you live in the Caribbean. What do we do next? Here are some ways we can diminish these natural hair products:

1.     Consider giving these natural hair products a second try

As a rule of thumb it is best to try a product at least 2-3 times before ruling it out. For the best results try products on freshly washed hair. Also if you want to know if a product will work well together; mix a combination of products on your hand, if it clumps then they will not work as a mixture for your hair. If applied to hair you will be left with white balls of flakes and honestly you don’t want to be caught like that.

2.     Return Refund Replace

Some stores will accept returns, they will also give you the option of a replacement, refund or store credit. If you buy a product and later to find it is not working for you then you might want to return the item. Stores like Walmart, Target and other drugstores will allow you to return products even if it has been opened. Don’t throw out those receipts!

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3.     Sell Trade Swap

Whatever did not come in handy for you can come in handy for someone else. There are a bunch of sell/trade/swap groups on Facebook. Get acquainted with these groups and you might earn your money back or even get another product that is up for trade or swap. These groups will help you to eliminate your products in no time. Always use a safe payment method like PayPal when doing these transactions. I would recommended using PayPal invoices that way your purchase or sale is protected.

4.    Conditioners

We naturals tend to buy a lot of conditioner as it helps us to detangle and better manage our hair but that said conditioner might not be worth the hype. Before thinking of throwing it out use it as a substitute product for shaving cream, your leg and pocket will thank you as nothing goes to waste and your legs will be left silky and smoother.

5.     Donate! Pay it Forward!

Be generous and give the natural hair products that you don’t want to someone in need. Donate to local shelters within your area. I am quite sure whomever receives these products will be very happy.

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