My Braces Journey: Installment, Adjustment, Ligatures and Retainer


I have been contemplating on getting braces from I was about 16 years old. The first orthodontist that I had visited told me that I had to get braces on both top and bottom teeth. Unfortunately, I only wanted to get braces 😀 on my top teeth.

In early 2016 I decided that I should get my braces done. I visited the orthodontist along with my friend seeing that she had her braces installed. I did my free consultation and took pictures of my teeth so that the orthodontist can keep a record of my progress.

During this period I did not shop around, I just went ahead and began my progress. The orthodontist scheduled my braces appointment for April 12, 2016. I was overly anxious, so I watched a few videos on YouTube just to get an idea of the entire process. I anticipated the return of the Orthodontist in April in order to install my braces. In case anyone is interested, this is the orthodontic contact details that I went to:

Boston Orthodontics
Patricia L. Brown, D.M.D., M.P.H
Front street #209,
Sint Maarten, N.A.
Tel: 1721-543-7995
First visit: Free Consultation and Pictures
Cost: $100 (pictures)
The orthodontist checked my teeth, took pictures and recommended getting my teeth clean by a dentist prior braces installment.
Second visit: Braces installment
Cost: $500 (first installment) + braces kit
Monthly braces appointment for tightening I will be paying $100 x 15 estimated months
On this very day, I took 1 million and one selfies because I knew that I was about to miss my ‘oh so beloved’ space teeth. I invited my friend to come along with me to the orthodontist while I get my braces installed.
Through a majority of the entire process I had to keep my eyes closed while my teeth were sand down, cemented and braces were being applied to the individual tooth. At one point my mouth got extremely dry since I had a smile maker and cotton stuffed inside of my mouth; this was enforced to prevent my teeth from getting wet so that the brackets stuck to teeth properly.

I had taken painkillers beforehand, so I did not feel any pain from the braces but I took a while to get used to wearing them.

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The orthodontist gave me a braces kit which included a travel size kit which included a travel size toothbrush, dental floss, floss threader, dental mirror, and orthodontic wax which I hardly use. The orthodontist also showed me a different technique of brushing with braces since I will have to clean the individual brackets and floss between them.
After I was done I went straight to eating and drinking. I was cleaning my teeth like crazy because I had food stuck all over my teeth.

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Fourth visit: Changing Elastics and Tightening
Cost: $200
It took approximately 3-4 months before my gap was closed. My orthodontist changed the archwire and gave me some fresh elastic ligatures (color ties).
Seventh visit: Changing ligatures and bottom retainer
Cost: $200
So this time I notice that my gap is completely closed, my teeth don’t seem as big as how they had appeared before. They look a bit smaller as if I barely have teeth. My teeth are not protruded but a little straighter than how they had been before I got my braces installed.

On this trip, my orthodontist took the imprints of my teeth, so that she could be able to make the retainer for my bottom teeth. A soft pink bubblegum alike product was placed into my mouth to carve out the shape of my teeth. This was placed in my mouth until it became hard for about 5-8 mins. On my next visit to the orthodontist, I will receive my retainer that will help to close the small gaps on my bottom teeth. I am getting closer to getting my braces removed, just a few more months to go and I should have nicer, straighter teeth. Bye! Bye! Gap.

If you ever had braces, feel free to share your experience with me. If you are thinking of getting braces, also ask me any questions regarding getting braces that you would like to know.

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