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Smokey-glittery-way-too-contoured-baked-look is way gone and it’s time for the “no makeup” look to take dominance. While we were seeing a chunk of no-makeup looks walking the streets back in 2015 and 2016, we’ve somehow replaced it for other trends for a second even though we’ve all known that the natural vibe is what we’ll be coming back to.

But what was it that made us go confidently barefaced? Well, it was the celebs. Once the #iwokeupthisway and no-makeup selfie trend took the social media by storm, with A-listers, such as Beyonce, Kim K, Alicia Keys, Drew Barrymore, Gwyneth Paltrow and plenty others, ditching their makeup offline (and online), we realized it’s time we understood something: we can be gorgeous even without flickers of eyeliner dangling on our lids and scraps of foundation covering up the face lines. While some celebs did keep their makeup routines on point for appearances and red carpet events, others have turned the makeup-free manner into a political statement (Alicia Keys, we applaud!).

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The very nice background of this no makeup trend is that the celebs are actually promoting healthy habits and routines in everyday life that will keep the skin glowing and let you show you natural beauty by simply cherishing it. Celebrities aren’t shy of showing off their healthy visages and we’re there to get the scoop!

To all of you who are looking to replace your heavy make up routines with healthier, cleaner practices, we’re giving you celeb-recommended tips that should definitely make a difference! 

Lemon is hot

Well, not hot per se, but when dipped into a glass of hot water, it’s magic! Celebrities love and warmly recommend drinking a tall glass of tepid water (not too hot as warmth kills the vitamin C) on an empty stomach for fantastic digestion and skin detoxification. Lemon will flush out the toxins from the skin leaving it  clear, clean and smooth. Adopting the hot-water-with-lemon routine will leave your skin glowing and your makeup-free confidence growing!

Exfoliates matter

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Scrubbing dead cells off of your face and body are the key routines to turn to for a healthy, glowing look. Unlike body exfoliates, face exfoliates are to be used only two to three times a week; with the face skin being way more sensitive than the body skin, you need to treat it gently.

Exfoliating properly and thoroughly will open up your skin pores and let the skin breathe, unclog and bring it its initial shine back. The best you can do is mix cold water and baking soda into a firm face mask. Keep rubbing it onto the skin for about 15 minutes and then rinse. To look phenomenal without your makeup on, apply some coconut oil afterwards.

Eyebrows are key

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If you were to observe carefully, what would be the one thing our makeup-free celebs have in common? Eyebrow power! From Cara Delevingne to Kim K, brows are the focus. You already know that they are giving a shape to your face (which is why you need to pluck them carefully) but they do another fabulous thing – steal the spotlight! When the brows are awesome, your face will look spectacular too, even when you are wearing no makeup at all!

Water, water, water

You’ve heard this a million times before and you are about to hear it once again – water is your key health booster! Why do you think celebrities walk around with bottles of water, literally everywhere? Hydration! When the body has enough liquid, it’s easier for it to flush out toxins and keep the skin in the pink. When the skin is healthy in its base, just a touch of Freeze frame and some lip gloss will do for your big date! So, pick up a bottle of water and drink up!

Good luck changing your beauty routines and following the star-approved path. It worked for us!

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