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III Sisters of Nature Natural Curling Gelo
I came across this product after strolling through several local beauty stores searching for this one product that will help to enhance natural curls. The product that I was searching for was nowhere in sight, but reluctantly I saw this III Sisters of Nature Natural Curling Gelo and it seems like a product that matches the description of what I am looking for and something that I could really use. I was extremely new to III Sisters Nature Natural Curling Gelo since I have never heard of it and it’s my first time seeing it in stores. Well, I did not hesitate to purchase.
I immediately showed it to my friend and she did a strand test on her dry hair and the result was wonderful but the price comparing to other gel was a little pricey. I tried the III Sisters of Nature Natural Curling Gelo after I freshly washed my hair, conditioned etc. I applied the product directly to my wet hair, as I raked the product in with my fingers from root to tip. I had like the results of the product enhancing my natural curls. It was getting late, so I could not allow my hair to air dry much longer as I ran the hair dryer across my hair for a few minutes I realized that my curls were not holding. I discontinued using the dryer and allow the hair to air dry to the best of my ability, afterward I covered my hair with a satin bonnet. The result to which I woke up to was horrible regarding too my normal overnight wash n go’s.
My hair came out flat. I fluffed it a bit but it was not good enough for a work day hairstyle, so I placed my hair in a high puff. The III Sisters Nature Natural Curling Gelo helps to enhance my natural curl pattern, and it gave a medium light hold. I also experience balls of white residue after using this product.
For best result, I would not recommend using this product on wet hair.

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