Influenster C9 at Target Sports Bra

C9 Sports Bra Target Sports Bra
C9 Sports Bra Target Sports Bra
C9atTarget Sports Bra

If you are a fitness fanatic that takes the time to work out in the gym finding the best gears is not an option. I love to work out but I’m not all crazy about it since I have a nice body but it could still be better. I recently received this sports bra from Influenster for testing and review purposes. I’m loving the C9 sports bra. The C9 has a very bright vibrant mixture of colors to it and it fits comfortable to my body. It is not tight or feels too loose. It is just the right fit.

C9 Sports Bra Target Sports Bra
C9atTarget front and back

I prefer to wear a sports bra without the breast padding. I find them to be more comfortable and my boobs are held in place whether I am running or walking. The C9 sports bra at Target has a nice cross design to the back which makes this sports bra more attractive.

You might catch me walking or in the gym on a Saturday wearing this comfortable, vibrant mix of colors sports bra.

This C9 sports bra at Target is of medium support for medium impact activities such as sports training, weight training and cardio.

Features of C9 at Target

  • Duo dry: wicks moisture + dries fast
  • Power core compression: supportive fit
  • Stretch: moves with you.

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