NYX Macaron Review + Lip Swatch

NYX Macaron
I have been trying to find a black lipstick for quite a while, but no luck. I’ve searched at MAC Cosmetics and several other drugstores and they didn’t have any. The sales clerk at the MAC counter was so helpful he even showed me how I can customize or make my own. Luckily enough I haven’t put my mixing palette to work as yet and since NYX has released their bright hued lipstick macaron collection it has been the talk of the town and the shade that I wanted was always out of stock.
I decided to try a few shade while curbing my spending habit and not overdoing it on lippies since I’m a lipstick junkie. So I decided to choose two colours from the entire collection of 12 NYX Macaron lipsticks. A black shade was in my intention to get along with any other suitable colour that I might see myself wearing and beyond reasoning and colour matching I eventually opted for Blue Velvet and Chambord.

NYX Macaron Lipstick Chambord and Blue Velvet

NYX products can be found at drugstores, Ulta, online at Ebay, Amazon or on NYX official website. These NYX Macaron Lipsticks are sold for $6, only a third of their dupe Lime Crime Opaque lipsticks. 

NYX Macaron Lipsticks glides on smoothly to lips, very opaque, creamy and has a satin finish (no shimmer, sparkle or glitter). These colours builds up nicely and doesn’t feel heavy on lips. They are neither sticky nor drying but you will need to reapply once you’ve finish eating or drinking, if you want to avoid having patches of missing lip colour.

NYX Macaron Blue Velvet Lipstick
NYX Macaron Chambord Lipstick

NYX Macaron Blue Velvet is a medium azure blue.
NYX Macaron Chambord is jet black in shade.

What is your favorite NYX product?

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