Lip Monthly October 2014 Review

Lip Monthly October 2014

1. Starlooks Lip Scrub
This is an all natural lip scrub that can be used to exfoliate and soften dry cracked lips. Prepping lips before applying lipstick allows the lipstick to apply more smoother unto lips. The container is very small and it does not have much information on the packaging for eg. directions on how to use and the ingredients it was made from. It smells alot like sugar and I know for sure that sugar is a main ingredient used to exfoliate lips.

Starlooks Lip Scrub

How to use?
a. Wet lips with water                                
b. Apply a generous amount of Starlooks Lip       Sugar to wet lips
c. Massage the lip sugar over lips gently
d. Use a damp cotton to remove the product       from lip

Doing this will leave your lips feeling smooth, follow up with a lip balm or lip gloss.

Noyah Vanilla Lip Balm

2. Noyah Balm (Price: $3.99)
This is an all natural lip balm that will help to moisturize, smooth and soften lips. If you are looking for that flawless lipstick application:
a. apply lip balm
b. allow it to sink into lips
c. remove it prior lipstick application

This lip balm is available in 4 different flavours, namely: vanilla, cherry, classic and spearmint.

3. JCat Nude Lipstick – Honeycrisp FL107 (Price: $2.99)
This lipstick is ultra creamy and it glides on smoothly to lips. it has a very pleasant sweet smell and it contains vitamin E which will help to protect the lips and keep it moisturized. This lipstick is cruelty free, hypoallergenic and lead free.

JCat Honeycrisp FL107

JCat Lipstick is available in 48 different shades.

Devine Lip Shimmer

4. Devine lip shimmer with benefits from wine
  This is a lip balm that contains tint      and shimmer. It will moisten     your lips while adding a bit of colour.

5. L.A. Girl Eyeliner
This is a brown black eyeliner, it glides on smoothly to eyelids and it does not tug. It can also be sharpened and it is highly pigmented.

LA Girl Eyeliner

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