Ipsy November 2014 Sneak peek

This month makes it one years since I have been subscribe to ipsy and each and every month I await the sneak peeks and the opening/viewing of my glam room. Not to mention when I get that shiny pink package in my mailbox. I have enjoy majority of the products I have received through ipsy and for the low cost of just $10 it is well worth it. 
Ipsy has started to post early sneek peaks before the first of the month, below you can get a peek of what you might receive in your glam bag. Good luck! I hope you receive what you want from the various sneak peeks. Stay tune for updates.
Just in case you are not a subscriber, you can sign up here: Ipsy

SNEAK PEEK #1: Every woman deserves an incredible bag. Excited about this sparkly silver stunner? We can’t wait for you to see what’s inside your November “Girl Meets Glitter” Glam Bag
SNEAK PEEK #2: So vivid, so vibrant, they’ll see you coming from a mile away. What product are you hoping to shimmer and shine with?
SNEAK PEEK #3: Wave goodbye to the wallflowers. You’re bound to stand out with one of these eye-catching picks. Which one are you looking forward to most?
Which products from the sneak peeks are you excited for?
Glam rooms are open, did you access yours?
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