Fashion Hacks: 8 Tips for Sweater Care

Now that you’ve stocked up your sweater collection, you need to keep those precious investments alive and looking great. The last thing anyone wants to be caught dead in is a pilling, sloppy mess. Keep reading for eight of our sweater care tips.
  1. Ah, pilling. It will happen, unfortunately. You can remove those annoying fuzzballs with a Bic razor (yep, shave that baby) or a manual pill remover. Pro tip: Turn on the TV so you can catch up on your shows while getting the work done.
  2. Never hang sweaters. Ya hear? Never. If you do, it will stretch the fibers out, and you’ll end up with giant misshapen shoulders which is not a good lewk. Fold or roll them instead.
  3. How should you hand wash your precious? Submerge your sweater in cool water with gentle detergent and give it a few good swishes. Let the sweater soak for about thirty minutes, then rinse well.
  4. Another note on washing… Don’t wring anything; be nice to your hardworking sweater. We would recommend that you gently squeeze, lay flat on a dry towel, and then roll that sucker up. The towel will absorb excess moisture.
  5. Should you wash your sweater? Unless you’re wearing the sweater to a Soul Cycle class or finishing a pack of cigarettes, the general rule is to wash about every four wears.
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