How to Get Ombre Lips

Whether you like ombre hair, nails or lips they are all colorful and beautiful. If you want to learn this pretty, unique and time consuming lip trick, follow these 4 easy steps.
You will need:
One dark lipstick
One lighter shade lipstick in the same colour range as the dark lipstick
Clear lipgloss
*You can use any brand lipstick or gloss of your choice, as long as the pigments are strong.

1.     Apply the darker shade lipstick on the outer lips and, covering both lips.
2.   Next apply the lighter shade lipstick to the inner halves of each lips, this will make the inner part of your lips appear lighter than the outside.
3.   Blend or tap the lighter shade of lipstick by gently using your index finger without smudging the darker edges.
4.     Final, add the clear gloss, this step accentuates the ombre effect more, but you can skip this step if you are not a fan of lip gloss.
Play around with it and choose color of choice, once you have mastered the technique.
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