10 Ways To Enhance Your Work Look

Enhancing your work wardrobe is a great move if you want to make sure you look polished and put together every day. Wherever you work, whatever kind of job you do, there’s nothing wrong with taking the time to put yourself together. When you look put together at work, not only do you give off a better impression, you tend to have a better mindset and mood towards your work too. This means you’ll likely get far more done, and feel much better about it!

With this in mind, the 10 pointers here will help you to enhance your work look. Read on to find out more…

1. Create A Dedicated Work Wardrobe

Start by creating a dedicated work wardrobe. It’s up to you if you want to have two actual separate wardrobes, one for when you’re not at work and one for when you are. This should help you to dress much faster and make better style decisions instantly. Of course, if you work in retail, you can afford to mix up your wardrobes and have fun with what you wear. However, if you work more in an office environment, it’s likely the two will need to be separate.

Whatever you decide to do, make a list. Write down the things that are missing in your work wardrobe, and then look for the items you need. Maybe you need a great pair of trousers, a cool blazer, or something else. You don’t need to buy your entire list at once, so bear that in mind when putting it together.

2. Make Sure You Love All Of Your Clothing

When you do go shopping for your work clothing, make sure you love all of it. Don’t buy for the sake of it, or because you think you have to. Even the most professional, ‘boring’ looking clothes can be clothes you love if you make sure the material is nice and that they fit you properly. However, if you can afford to still be a little creative with your work wardrobe, then do so. Put your own spin on professional outfits. It’ll be so much easier to create outfits you love when you vow to only buy items that you love too.

3. Wear Items You’re Super Comfortable In

Being super comfortable at work will instantly make you look better. When you’re not worried about ‘too tight’ trousers or shoes that are killing your feet, you’ll be able to go about your day feeling wonderful. That’s why getting accessories that suit your job is vitally important. It will be so much easier to create outfits that you love when you vow to only buy items that you love. For nurses, we recommend getting shoes that fit their uniform. Non-slip shoes for nurses are a must have in their work environment. Find out more about comfortable yet stylish work shoes to see what you can find to suit your profession!

4. Have Go-To Hairstyles And Makeup Looks

Don’t wake up in the morning with no real idea of what sort of hairstyle or makeup look you’re going to be doing that day. Have a couple of go-to looks that you can choose from to make everything simple to do. A few great hairstyles for work include; a messy bun, a high ponytail, a half up half down hairstyle, a chignon, and a fish plait. It’s up to you, but just think about what will be the least distracting and last all day!

5. Remember That Your Work Look Doesn’t Have To Be Boring

Why do most people think that their work look has to be boring? Even if you’re required to wear a suit to work, you can make sure it doesn’t look boring. Use jewelry to make it look more interesting. Add a pop of color here and there. Incorporate a pattern somehow. You can still look professional and add interesting elements to your look.


6. Focus On The Finer Details Of Your Looks

Focusing on the finer details of your work looks is a good idea too. Make sure you look at the jewelry you wear, your nail polish, and even your socks. All of these things can make a huge difference to your look overall, even if they seem like tiny elements at first. Be different and wear a customizable silicone wristband.

7. Take The Essentials In Your Bag

Take the essentials to work with you in your bag so that you can refresh your look at lunchtime. You don’t have to take your whole makeup bag! Take your lipstick/gloss, a facial spray to refresh your makeup, blotting papers, and dry shampoo. You can find mini versions of everything so that you’re pretty much covered wherever you go and whatever you do.

8. Visit A Tailor

Struggling to find clothes that fit you just right? You need to visit a tailor. A good tailor will ensure that your items are hugging you in all of the right places. It’s a great idea for the times your body may change shape too, as this can happen for a number of reasons. Even if you don’t need a tailor right now, finding a great one can still be handy.

9. Make A Statement With Your Outerwear

Making a statement is still possible at work, especially if you do it with your outerwear. How about wearing a statement jacket to top off your otherwise plain outfit? A jacket like this can really give your look the ‘wow’ factor, even if you won’t be wearing it all day long.

10. Challenge Yourself Not To Wear Any Black

This could be a tough but fun challenge to try out – how about not wearing any black to work? The majority of people wear black because it’s easy, and can hide a multitude of sins. But where’s the fun in easy? Challenge yourself to wearing different neutrals and adding a pop of color to your work outfit. It’s usually best to try this out in the springtime, so you can try out white pieces and pastel shades too. You might just get addicted to avoiding black in your looks!

See? You really don’t need to look boring at work with a little pre-planning. Take the time to choose pieces that call out to you, make sure you love them, and have fun including elements of ‘you’ in your wardrobe!

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