Just Ended A Difficult Relationship? This Guide Will Get Your Mojo Back

Relationships are infamously difficult, and coming out of them can be harder for everyone involved. When a relationship ends, you have to reassess everything that you thought you knew about that person. Even if you’ve left it on amicable terms, it can be difficult to dispel the somber feelings and replaying the same scenarios over and over in your head. This tantamounts to a form of self-punishment, and it’s vital that you’re aware of how to deal with it.

One of the more insidious parts of a relationship ending is how it robs you of your mojo. It’s likely that you won’t want to enter another one for some time before you fully process the last one. Waiting for your next love interest to come at the right time is normal and healthy, but allowing the break up to take away your natural spark is not.
Life is short, and it’s best to live it as a confident, natural, magnetic person than someone stuck in negative thought loops about scenarios that weren’t able to be controlled. You need to regain your mojo back as quickly as possible, for your sake.
This guide aims to help you do just that.
Trim The Fat
Trimming the fat is an important method of keeping yourself maintained after a relationship. It’s tempting to comfort eat in difficult times, and only the strongest manage to resist. However, if you want to feel flawless in your physique as you always should, it’s important to be temperate with your food intake by beginning a healthy eating diet.
Working on your flaws by lifting light weights, exercise, eating healthily, sleeping right and undergoing your own new beautification method will help you feel like the wondrous person you deserve to feel like. This might involve pursuing cellulite treatment or trying a different brand of makeup. Whatever works for you is the goal here.
Tackle A Challenge
It’s important to feel independently strong and able to progress on your own. Consider tackling a challenge that allows you to come to terms with who you are. This could be as simple as trying a new rock-climbing hobby or focusing on getting that promotion. However this can be defined - ‘going for your win’ is among one of the better ways to rejuvenate and recuperate your mental stamina and general happiness.
Reclaim Your Love
The only way you can feel comfortable in a new relationship is if you feel comfortable within yourself. It’s important to understand the benefits of keeping active and investing in the hobbies you love and cherish. Recuperate your social links, and don’t be afraid to go outside of your comfort zone! Now that you have free time, why not apply this to hanging around with your family more often? They’ll surely appreciate it. Relationships are amazing, and when they work, they can make life feel joyous and light. Being single, however, should be a great time too. Focusing on yourself allows you to develop your character and figure out what you want from this complex world.
No matter who you are, your mojo is key. If you lose it, do everything you can to reclaim it. You owe it to yourself. Good luck!

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5 Ways To Take The Stress Out Of Your Wedding Day

Image Source: Pixabay

There is a weird myth about weddings. Apparently, they are one of the happiest days of our lives. Yet, as most married people will confirm, they are also one of the most stressful. From dealing with the multitude of expenses when planning, to trying to keep everyone happy on the day itself, a happy wedding is far from people's minds.

Thankfully, there are ways to cut out some of the stresses that you may face. Follow our handy guide for some helpful advice.

Plan ahead
You should begin to plan months in advance. Having a checklist will help, so list the many things you need to accomplish before the big day and tick them off when you have completed them.

To alleviate your stress, it is worth hiring a wedding planner who will take care of all the necessary details, from dealing with caterers to arranging decoration. This will give you more time for the important things in your daily life, such as holding down a job and managing your relationships.

Cut down your guest list
While you want as many people as you can to enjoy the big day with you, there is no need to ask everybody in your social circle. Many of us tend to invite people we don’t know very well because we are afraid of hurting their feelings. Our parents put extra pressure on us, adding family members to the list that we very rarely see. Considering you need to pay for all these people in food and seating costs, be ruthless and cut them from your list, especially if you don’t really like them.

Work with your partner
You don’t need to go through all the planning stresses by yourself. Your partner needs to be with you in support, so this is their chance to prove their worth to you before you are married.

Undoubtedly, you will need to make compromises. No matter what your idea of a dream wedding, your partner will also have their own suggestions. Cut down on arguments by agreeing to meet half way, ensuring you both get the perfect wedding.

Save money
There are many ways to save money on your wedding, and some of these can be found on our website. Rather than hire a caterer, encourage your family and friends to help cook food on the big day, or have a buffet rather than a 3-course meal. It’s always worth hiring a professional photographer to capture those all-important moments, but if you know somebody who is proficient with a camera, ask them to do it at less cost or for free.

Your wedding day may be important to you, but it’s only one part of your marriage. You will hopefully have many happy years ahead, so does it really matter if mistakes are made? Provided you have a good time, it doesn’t matter if the cake falls to pieces or you get food on your wedding dress. Life is full of unexpected moments, but they don’t need to ruin your special day.

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Stand Out Online With The Perfect Bio

Writing a social media bio seems easy. Writing a short paragraph that sums up you as a person can’t be that hard, can it? That’s what everybody thinks until they sit down and try to write one. We’ve all found ourselves sat in front of a blank screen trying to think of anything to write and drawing a complete blank. It’s important to get it right because it’s the first impression that anybody will have of you in the online sphere. They could be friends, family, or even potential employers and if you don’t give the right impression from the word go, it’s hard to come back from. So, what exactly should you be writing?

Social media
Image Source: Flickr

Be Concise
Being concise is one of the most important things. People have a short attention span and if you present them with a huge page of text, they probably won’t even make it to the end. With that in mind, keep it as short as possible, most of the time you will be limited on characters anyway so you’ll have to work within those confines. Don’t try to put in every single thing about yourself because you’ll never have enough room. Think about it as an introduction that lays out the most important basic information about yourself so people can decide if they want to know more.

Your profile picture is going to be the thing that best gives people a sense of who you are. The way that you decide to present yourself says a lot about you as a person. For example, if you’re profile picture is a photo of you out with friends, it doesn’t look that professional. Take a nice picture of yourself and use filters from places like geofilters on demand to make it look as though it has been taken by a professional photographer. That way people will know that you are serious about your online presence.

With millions of people on social media, there are a lot of ideas for bios that have been done thousands of times over. If you’ve got a boring bio then people aren’t likely to click on your profile and look further. Being so limited on space forces you to be more creative so if you think long and hard about it, you can come up with something that nobody has seen before. However, make sure that you aren’t sacrificing any important information just to make it more original.

Nobody likes a show-off, but it’s good to brag a little in your social media bio. You are, after all, trying to sell yourself and you should be proud of your achievements. You should boast about them a little, but not so much that you sound arrogant. If you’re looking for employers online, this is especially important because they will be reading your bio to get an idea of your skills and achievements. Highlighting these in your bio could open a lot of doors for you.

Get these four things right and you’ll have a social media bio that is sure to impress.  

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Common Mistakes when Removing Gel Polishes at Home

Gel nail polishes are heaven-sent. Gel polishes like Svensson Gel Nail Polish last and stick much longer than normal nail polishes. We’ve seen famous celebrities with perfect manicured nails all the time. But one of the biggest problems women encounter with gel polish is the do-it-yourself removal process which can leave nails weak and damaged if not done properly. In this post, we provide you with some essential tips on how to prevent this.

Gel Polish
Image Source: Pexels

Avoid Peeling
This is probably one of the biggest mistakes most women make. Gel that is peeled and scraped off improperly can really damage your nails. Like all parts of the human body, our nails are composed of cells and when you begin to pull off the gel in an aggressive manner, you’re not just getting rid of the polish, but you’re also removing the top most layer of your nails’ cells.

Keep in mind that while you can have a gel manicure every two weeks, it is better for your nails to have a break for a week (during which time you can use ordinary nail polish) and then resume your gel manicure on the fourth week. In addition, remove your gel manicure after two weeks – even if it still looks good - as it will be harder to remove the gel if you wear the gel nails for a longer period of time.

Importance of Having the Proper Tools
It is ideal to have your gel nail polish be removed by a professional, but you can also attain the same results right in the comfort of your own home – and ensure that the process is not be damaging to your nails – provided you have the right tools. What you will need are acetone, a nail stick made of wood, some cotton balls and foil.

You’ll need a really strong acetone for removing gel polish, but there is no need to buy any of the expensive brands that are advertised for removing gel polishes – just buy an acetone that is labelled as maximum or extreme strength.

Cuticle Protection
You also need to make sure that your cuticles are properly protected. The key here is creating some type of “wall” between the acetone and your cuticles. You can use an ointment like Aquaphor for this. This “wall” layer can help prevent your cuticles from getting damaged through the process since in order for the gel to be properly removed, you have to entirely cover your nails with cotton wool soaked in acetone, and then wrap  with the foil. 

Importance of Moisturizing your Nails
After you have removed all the gel polish, your nails will tend to look a little dry so it is essential to moisturize your nails right away. Nail oil is recommended by the professionals. Another method to recover your nails after removing a gel manicure is to give it some time to rest at least overnight and hydrate it. You can do this by applying to your cuticles a suitable amount of Aquaphor or even Vaseline. Simply rub it gently into your nails before you head off to bed.

Follow these tips and you will be able to enjoy all the advantages of using a long-lasting nail polish – but without the hassles of removing it – and you’ll be keeping your nails in a healthy condition too.

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Who To Hire For Your Wedding?

Image Source: Pixabay

There’s a lot of organisation involved in a wedding. Whilst some roles can be carried out by friends and family, other tasks may be best placed in the hands of professionals in order to ensure things run smoothly. Here are some of those professionals that may be worth hiring (although not all are necessary).

If you’re getting married in a place of worship, a religious leader may be able to take the service. If this isn’t the case, you’ll need a registrar to conduct the marriage. Fees can vary so feel free to shop around. Getting married in winter can sometimes be less expensive as there are less people getting married and registrars will compete more to get business.   

You’ll want food and drinks for your wedding. The venue you’re getting married at/having your reception at may already have a catering service on offer. If not, you’ll have to shop around for one. There are many ways to save costs in this area – you could hire chefs that cook at the table, sparing the need for waiting staff whilst making meal time that bit more theatrical. Alternatively, you could make it a buffet meal.

Image Source: Flickr

A professional photographer may be worth hiring to get some quality snaps of the day, giving you memories to keep hold of forever after. Videography is also a popular option that could allow to relive your wedding in motion. Photographers can also be hired to take snaps prior to the day if you want some outside photos but have doubts about the weather on the day.

Music is important for both the ceremony and the after-party at the reception. You can play a recorded track as you go down the aisle or hire a musician such as a string quartet or a singer. If you’re getting married in a church, an organist will most likely be able to accompany the ceremony. For the evening, you’ll then need to hire a DJ. Try to hire someone with wedding experience that can judge the wedding audience and get people up.

Image Source: Public Domain

A chauffeur could be worth hiring to drive the bride to the wedding. Many will be able to supply a car, although you have the option to decorate your own car up to drive to the venue. There are also many alternative forms of transport such as a wedding bus or a horse and carriage that could make your wedding a little different.

The decorations are also important. A venue may be able to do all this for you. If not you may need to invest in a wedding decorator to provide these for you, or buy your own decorations and design how it looks yourself. You’ll need to also visit a florist and get some flowers for the occasion. Decide whether you want flowers all over the place or if a large flower feature in a prominent place will do. You may also want bouquets and boutonnieres - check that a florist can provide these.

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From the Weird to the Practical: Top Celebrity Beauty Hacks

Over the past few years, we have heard some of the most bizarre beauty tips from celebrities, as well as the most brilliant. To save you the trouble of searching for each and every one of them, we have put together a collection of the best below.
Olive oil face wash – We usually use olive oil to cook our stir-fries, but Chloe Moretz washes her face with it.  The American actress uses olive oil to combat acne. She told Allure that her skin was much clearer because of it.

Image Source: Flickr

Coca-Cola shampoo
– If you thought washing your face with olive oil was a weird one, how about washing your hair with Coca-Cola? Suki Waterhouse claims that she washes her hair with the fizzy drink to give it some added texture. She said Coca-Cola gives her hair a tousled look and feel, like she has “gone through the Amazon or something.”
Apply eyeshadow with a cotton bud – From the downright weird to the completely practical, Pixie Lott has provided us with a beauty tip that does not involve using food or drink-based products. The singer says she applies her eyeshadow with a cotton bud to give her a look that is smouldering but not harsh.
Rhinoplasty – Plastic surgery is not for everyone, but it is something a lot of celebrities have embraced. Hollywood favorite, Jennifer Aniston, and Glee bombshell, Dianna Agron, have both had surgery on their nose. In fact, the procedures from Carolina Facial Plastic Surgery are carried out by a doctor that studied under the specialists that performed rhinoplasty surgeries on the likes of Jennifer Aniston and Ashley Simpson.
Condiments for shiny hair – Back to the food-based DIY treatments! Blake Lively is certainly one to take advice from when it comes to shiny hair. Her golden, luscious locks are her trademark, and there is a surprising reason why her hair glistens. She follows a piece of advice provided by her mom; she applies mayonnaise or oil to the bottom half of her hair before she gets in the shower. This stops the shampoo from stripping the bottom of her hair and drying it out, giving it that awful, brittle texture.

Image Source: Flickr

Upside down makeup – Model Bella Hadid gets her makeup artist to apply her makeup while her head is upside down. She feels it results in a more ‘natural’ finish. Of course, if you apply your own makeup, this will be a little bit tricky. For more practical tips from celebrity makeup tips, Marie Claire has the answers.
Apply with a toothbrush – Margot Robbie shot to fame after her stint in the Wolf of Wall Street, and now we are all a little bit obsessed with the Aussie star. She has a great beauty hack as well! She uses a toothbrush to blend her foundation into her hairline so that it all blends.
From the practical to the downright weird, we hope you love these unique celebrity beauty hacks and tips. Now, to the grocery store to buy a toothbrush, olive oil, and some Coca-Cola!

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3 Simple Cellulite Busting Tips

We all have to face facts that cellulite happens to the best of us. That doesn’t change the fact, however that most of us hate it and wish the darn stuff would magically disappear. We all know, however, that sadly it’s just not that easy.

We are inundated with fancy and expensive creams claiming that they can eradicate our orange peel skin within a few weeks. We’ve tried them and they just don’t work. So what next? Is the fight against dimply thighs and bottoms hopeless? Absolutely not. Where expensive creams fail, other more subtle methods prevail, so read on for our cellulite busting tips that actually work.

exercising on the beach
Image Source: Flickr

Daily Massages & Exfoliation
Body brushing, exfoliation gloves and daily massage are the heart of any cellulite busting regime. Though it may seem like a chore to spend 5 minutes body brushing before a shower or spending 5 minutes in the shower exfoliating your body with an exfoliating mitten, let us assure you, it’s well worth the bother.

Exfoliating, massaging and brushing not only gets rid of dry skin and reveals more youthful, glowing skin, it also works to increase the blood circulation and lymphatic drainage in our bodies. Therefore, investing in a super cheap exfoliating body mitt, body brush or even treating yourself to a full on body massage folsom, is well worth the money. You can even make your own homemade exfoliating lotion with coconut oil and salt, so budget is not an issue. Making sure you are stimulating sufficient oxygen to your body and restoring flexibility to your skin is the best place to start in the struggle against cellulite.

When it comes to truly busting cellulite cardio is king. In a nutshell, the harder you work and the more you sweat, the more fat you’ll burn and the thinner the layer of dimply skin will be in all our typical ‘problem areas’.

Circuit training is one of the top cardio exercises for women looking to firm up those thighs, tums and bums as they offer short bursts of high intensity exercise, that prove to be much more effective when it comes to burning body fat. That is apparently due to the fact that your body burns carbs when it needs energy but it burns fat during recovery, in order to produce the energy it needs to help your body recover. Therefore shorter bouts of high intensity exercise prove to be more effective than more long-winded, more relaxed forms of exercise when it comes to smoothing out those ‘softer’ areas that we’d all like to see gone, once and for all.

Chugging those glasses of the good stuff is one of the easiest ways to bust cellulite. Drinking two litres of water a day will keep the skin hydrated and will flush out all the toxins that accumulate from an unhealthy lifestyle. Keeping skin youthful and and fresh all starts with what we put in our bodies and water is the pinnacle daily driving force in achieving the gorgeous skin we all desire.

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Blast Scars From Your Past

We all change throughout our lives, sometimes in extreme ways. In a world where nothing is stable, we are no different. Our experiences, the people we meet, and the places we go, all come together to make us who we are. But, through all that change, one thing stays pretty much the same; our scars.

These are constant reminders of our past and unwelcome additions to our appearance. They can become a huge source of anxiety. Plus, they make it impossible to move away from who we once were. The trouble is, our past becomes a source of shame for many of us. And, those scars ensure we never forget it. We’re going to look at a few of the biggest problem areas for scars, and the steps you can take to deal with them.

red head girl
Image Source: Pixabay

Scars on your face are by far the worst. These are scars that everyone can see, and so cause the greatest deal of insecurity. If you’ve suffered an accident in the past, you may have a facial scar that forever reminds you of what happened. But, even if you haven’t, acne scars, or scars from previous skin conditions, may cause worry.

As facial scarring is an extreme issue, it often requires an extreme solution. Something like treatments from Cosmetic Laser Dermatology may be what you need to move forward. Many of their treatments will rejuvenate damaged skin. It may seem daunting, but it’s worth doing if you want to feel confident in your appearance again.

Our stomachs are another scar hotspot. These scars are often less to do with accidents, and more to do with sudden weight gain, pregnancy, or c-section. And, things don’t get much worse than stretch marks. These have an added layer of stigma to make you feel even worse, and you may feel more conscious about weight because of them.

The good news is, there are a few different options for reducing the appearance of such scars. If the scar is new, doctors often recommend wearing pressure garments to help stop scar formation. These stimulate the skin to aid a cleaner healing process. If your scar is older, consider collagen fillers which level the scar with your skin and leave it less visible.

You may also develop scars on your arms over time. As these are generally less visible, they should be easier to keep under control. Invest in high-street creams like Bio-oil. When applied, these encourage skin cell regeneration which lessens the appearance of scars. It might also be worth using antiseptic creams, which work in much the same way. If you feel really self-conscious, apply concealer to the affected areas. These won’t heal the issue, but they will reduce visibility.

Treating scars is often daunting because it means facing your past. But, it’s a step worth taking. It may be a difficult process, but once you’ve been through it, you can move properly into your future for the first time.

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