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Shop and Save with Groupon Coupons

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How To Get More Beautiful With Tan

One of nature’s most craved for luxuries that occur abundantly and is freely given is sunbathing and if you visit the beach at the beginning of summer you will realize just how much people had missed the bright sunshine. Apart from the glow and warmth, the human body appears to send a signal about deficiencies that the rays from the sun need to replenish and restore.

Tanning is a process in which the skin color is darkened and is most often the result of getting exposed to ultraviolet rays coming from the sun. People who choose to tan their skin by exposing it to the sun engage in sunbathing. Apart from the sun, there are artificial sources like the tanning lamp or chemical products, both of which can change the color of the skin.

A mild exposure contributes to the production of Vitamin D and Melanin by the body. Melanin is the body’s natural sunburn protection. But excessive exposure to UV rays may produce negative health effects, including risk of skin cancer and sunburn. But judging by the crowds that flock beaches and spend entire days sunbathing, we may safely assume there are more benefits in terms of beauty and health that can be derived from exposure. We discuss below six ways you can get more beautiful with a tan: 

1. Choosing Your Ultraviolet Source
Nothing beats the sun for ultraviolet sunshine. Bask in sunshine for as long as your body signals, “enough.” But also keeping it in moderation will protect your skin from looking like tanned leather. And if the skies do not permit, you may use tanning beds, which are equally effective, and come in all year round, even during winter months.

2. Keep Skin Hydrated
If your skin is well hydrated, chances are it will tan better than if it’s dry and dusty. You may hydrate your skin by the following methods:
· Taking a shower and scrubbing yourself to remove dry cells gently with a cloth or any of the exfoliating soaps.
· Moisturizing your skin with a lotion. Using a lotion with a sodium base helps maintain a healthy outer layer of your skin. 
· Applying sunscreen with an SPF (Sun Protection Factor) rating of 15. If your skin is light, apply sunscreen with a higher SPF rating and vice versa if you are dark skinned.
· Applying lip balm.

3. Expose Your Skin

Retaining as little clothing as possible (bikini for ladies and trunks for men) ensures your body will absorb as much sun rays as possible. Clothing inhibits tanning and unless you wish for a patchwork of quilted lines, you need to wear the same swimsuit you intended for a swim. Lounge yourself in your own backyard, on an ocean beach or any place with sufficient sun penetration like a lawn. Obtain a chair, water and a towel. Reading is a popular pastime when tanning.

4. Move About as You Tan
To get the best exposure for an all-over-brown, you need to keep on moving and exposing places the sun has difficult reaching. Front ways, back ways and sideways will expose your underarms and neck. People with a liberal holiday itinerary could plan to spend one day on their backside and the next day on the front side. And you can combine walking, jogging with tanning.

5. Eating Sun-friendly Foods

Photo Source: Beauty insiders

Some foods are known to increase lycopene, which is the skin’s own SPF. This is an antioxidant found in oranges, tomatoes and other vegetables. It’s said to boost sun protection by 33%. Skin experts also advise other antioxidants called polyphenols, for instance green tea. Sipping it regularly can help shield yourself against harmful rays. Dark chocolate retains flavonoids that are known to protect against intense sunburn, and an occasional intake of caffeine is said to help cut the risk of developing skin cancer.

6. Using a Tanning Bed

Photo Source: Bellatory

For persons desperate for a tan during the months of winter, when the sun is scarce, using a tanning bed with indoor tanning lotion can be the best fit. Originally started as a scientific experiment, the artificial lights used can produce incredible results. Indoor tanning has now become a popular industry for those willing to stay golden brown throughout the year. Initial fears spread earlier have now been dispelled and recent improvements have made them safe to use.

If your body is absorbing the right combination of light rays, researchers say, not only will you get a golden healthy glow that is much sought after but your body will also produce more vitamin D. This vitamin has been linked to good bone health, hair and skin.

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in any guest post featured on our site are those of the guest author and do not necessarily reflect the opinions and views of Beauty that walks as a whole.

Guest Author Bio: My name is Karen. I specialize in skin care and other related issues. I advise people on the best products for their skin, as well as reviewing cosmetics and beauty products. If you have any concerns, query or any issue, feel free to reach out to me. 

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Enhance your Beauty with Useful Makeup Tips

The makeup world is broad and rich with full of colors, products and styles. When you are opting for a makeup, people would feel confused on which style to choose. When it comes to learning the makeup tips, you can read about something and know that what you can do immediately. To understand well about these makeup tips, you can start using them in the right way to enhance your beauty routine. Below are the great makeup tips for you to have a favorite look that includes:

Choose the best moisturizer carefully to apply and allow it to absorb into your skin completely before applying foundation. One of the simple makeup tips is using very much less foundation that helps you save money and also look your best.

  • To wet your dry lips, you can apply lipstick or lip balm before you apply your favorite lip color in order to moisturize your lips.
  •  Make sure to use lip balm before going to bed that helps to moisturize your lip and get them ready for the next morning.
  • To wear lip gloss, it is a very good idea to put some type of color underneath on your lips. Make sure to completely color in your lips with the liner before applying your lip gloss.
  •  Another great makeup tip is taking care of eyebrows. Make sure to wax in a perfect shape that looks good.  

Simple and effective makeup tips to follow

Getting some common makeup tips for different occasions is an awesome idea. There are different types of makeup available, but a few things are common in every type. When you apply makeup, you should do the following things:
  • Whatever the makeup materials and products you choose, make sure that someone has already used and approved to use.
  • Make sure the selected makeup product is completely free from side effects and also suit your skin.
  • The integral part of applying makeup is highlighting the good features on your face. You should also know how to do that and work on your skin.
  • Make sure to spend enough time in choosing the best foundation that matches your skin tone.
  • Applying makeup on fresh clean face and using moisturizer after taking shower is a great way to keep the skin fresh.
  • After applying the moisturizer, make sure to bring enough time to absorb in your skin and once it has absorbed you can begin with your makeup.
  • Make sure to spend money on professional brushes and applied it against using the regular low quality brush.
Get fit into cool makeup tips
Makeup is an awesome tool that improves your looks and beauty. It can be worn day or night and easily customized that suits your destination. There are plenty of makeup tips available for you that help to improve all of your favorite looks. Even many women can use the same makeup routine in the summer than use in the winter. Better it is try to use a simple and effective approach these cool makeup tips to get a stunning exotic look. You can visit Beauty News Network for more articles related to beauty tips, skin care and makeup samples. 

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in any guest post featured on our site are those of the guest author and do not necessarily reflect the opinions and views of Beauty that walks as a whole.

Guest author: Susan Smith is the owner of She has expertise in different fields related to beauty, makeup and skin care. The goal of her website is to provide quality information to its users and provide superior end user experience. There you will be able to learn the latest trending information in the cosmetic industry, read about new hot products and more.

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Marigold 9" Thermal Laminator Giveaway

Marigold 9
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This Marigold 9" Thermal Laminator is designed in USA with NTC technology. It has the reliable function of temperature adjustment and cold lamination.

Inflatable Zone Water Toys

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Inflatable Zone

I love going to the beach and enjoying water activities. Whether it is by swimming, back float, or by using inflatable objects. Trips to the beach should be fun and enjoying for the entire family. At inflatable-zone they provide inflatable products that are perfect for a fun-filled day on the beach and/or outdoors. Inflatable zone manufactures products such as bubble soccer, zorb ball, inflatable slide, inflatable bouncer, water game equipment and much more. These products are not yet available in stores but they can be found online at Inflatable products can be purchased at a wholesale price, for buy and resell and/or rent for an inexpensive price.

inflatable soccer

Water Fly Fish

If you are an outgoing person that loves the deep end of the sea the water fly fish otherwise known as the inflatable banana boat would be just right for you. This can be used around lake, waterpark, pool and at the beach. It is fun for all. The recommended age is 7 years and above. Once the Water Fly Fish is attached to a boat you will be flying in any minute by means of the boat pulling it. Riding the Water Fly Fish is fun and easy, all you need is a bit of strength to hold on and enjoy the ride.

Inflatable Water Rockit Rocker Water Toy

This circular water rocker toy built for enjoyment on the sea can be use by a maximum of eight persons for a fun day at the beach, lake etc. The stations on the Rocker Water Toy was built to accommodate participants of all sizes and age group. When working as a team to create balance, rock from side to side to be amaze by how far it can be tilted, climb the sphere and roll this water toy makes it more enjoyable.

The Inflatable Water Rockit Toy can be easily anchored anywhere with the swivel anchor point.

A day on the beach should be fun and exciting. Get out and have fun with these inflatable water toys. There are also more inflatable toys available on the website, so feel free to check them out. My most favorite is the zorb ball, walking on water or dry land (globe-riding) in a sphere shape inflatable has never been so fun and easy. These inflatable toys are perfect for water parties, vacation at the beach, a day at the park and much more.

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