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As a product junkie finding deals and services especially on beauty items is a requirement for my person. I find that the best time to shop for beauty items is during a U.S. holiday or event. Better yet, there is always a discount waiting for you but with sites like Groupon you can get a great deal every day. Whether you are in search of deals to restaurant, a movie date, massages, health, beauty, wellness and spas, products and services Groupon has an amazing offer awaiting you.

These deals on services comes in the form of makeup lessons and application, laser hair removal, tanning, blowout and styling, brows and lashes and much more.

Finding deals helps me to save money as I purchase more product and receive services at a great price. Groupon has helped me to save in a way that I don’t just by walking into a health, beauty salon. Groupon is tailored to match your specific location, so it is easy to catch these awesome deals by simply logging on to PC and/or from mobile phone. With Groupon there is no membership fees and the site is easy to navigate.

Start saving now with Groupon. There are a lot of Beauty and Spa deals in your area.

How do you plan to save with Groupon?

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Quick changes for daily hair styles

It is easy to get stuck in a hairstyle rut. Luckily, it is easy to get out of the rut because there are so many changes that can be made to daily hair styles. These quick changes can be made on long hair styles, short hair styles and every length in between. With simple hair accessories, styling products, and a little imagination, no one has any reason to be stuck with boring hair styles. Most of the simple changes require little-to-no practice and most of them are easy for anyone to do. Making quick changes for your daily hair styles can be used to enhance casual styles and they can be used for formal styles. Having some daily hair styles can help you lengthen the time between hair cuts. It can also help you add creativity to your style if you want to grow it out. There are plenty of reasons to add a collection of styles to use when you need to change your daily hair style without having to go the salon.

The majority of daily hair styles are based on the natural texture of hair. For example, people with pin-straight hair often wear their hair in a straight style. It doesn’t matter if they long or short hair, straight hair looks best when worn straight. The same goes for people with naturally curly hair. But, some people get stuck in a rut of wearing a ponytail every single day. Some women have had the same hair style for decades - getting the same perm or the same cut from their youth. Even if the texture of their hair changes as they age, they tend to be scared to change their style.

It is not uncommon for people to avoid making changes to their hair styles. Some people believe that they cannot “do” hair, so they just do what they know. They are also afraid to make changes because they do not want the attention or they do not believe the style will look good on them. People get used to what they see in the mirror each day and they do not want to change.

Fun and Easy Daily Hair Styles for Short Hair

Fortunately, it can be easy to make subtle changes to hair styles. The changes do not have to be drastic or complicated. Some people might think that short hair styles are difficult to change, but this could not be farther from the truth. In fact, short hair styles can be quickly changed with a cute little hair clip. Putting a cute hair clip on the side of a short hair cut looks sassy and adorable. When Emma Watson had her pixie cut, she used this cute clip and put it in an unexpected place.

Inspired short hairstyles

It’s easy to add a scarf or a headband to a short hair cut - even to a pixie cut. This head scarf style on Carey Mulligan looks fabulous and it is so easy to do. 

If you have short hair and you do not want to add hair accessories, you can also change your hair with good hair products. Rihanna is known for constantly changing her hair and this style was an alternative to her short pixie cut with longer bangs. Not everyone can pull off this dramatic of a look, but it shows that even the shortest styles can be changed.

Using Braids for Long Hair Style Changes

When it comes to longer hair styles, the opportunities for change are endless. One of the most popular daily hair style changes involves braids. Even if you feel like you are all thumbs with braiding hair, there are several very easy styles to try out. A side braid is easy to do because you can watch yourself braid in the mirror. Messy braids are just as pretty as clean and tight ones. Miley Cyrus’s simple side braid is easy to do. Side braid hair tutorial

If you want to get your hair off of your face, this braid on Jennifer Aniston is relatively easy to learn. You only need to braid a small section of hair. It is helpful to practice once or twice. Once you get the technique down, you’ll want to wear this style frequently. It can be worn on medium-length hair and some short hair styles, too.

Once you figure out how much fun it is to make quickly changes for daily hair styles, you will want to change your hair on a regular basis. There are so many fun options that add flair to your style. People will take notice and you will receive plenty of comments on how great you look when you get out of your hair style rut. 

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DIY Lip Scrub

DIY Lip Scrub

Learn how to make your own lip scrub to perfect your pout and also to give you that smooth lipstick application. Bye, bye to crack lips.

  • 1 tbsp sugar
  • ½ tsp olive oil
  • Vanilla extract
  • Gel or Liquid Food coloring (optional)
  • Small travel size jar or container (for storing lip scrub)
  • Small bowl (for mixing)
  1. Take the small bowl and scoop the measurements of sugar and olive oil and stir together until they are blended.
  2. Add a one or two drops of vanilla extract and stir the mixture together. The vanilla extract is used to add flavor to the mixture.
  3. Add one or two drops of food coloring of your choice. Mix evenly until the color is distributed.
  4. Place the scrub into a small jar to store it.
How to Use
Apply a small amount of the DIY lib scrub to dry or wet lips and massage on lips for 10-15 seconds. Rinse or wipe off with a wet wipes. Follow up with a lip balm to keep lips feeling moisturized, soft and hydrated. 

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How Safe is Tooth Whitening

Image Source: Colgate

You can’t open a magazine or go on social media without seeing someone with a set of perfect, pearly whites smiling back at you. We’ve all become obsessed with getting the perfect smile, which is why the demand for teeth whitening products has soared in recent years.

The process of modern teeth whitening was discovered in the 19th Century. Dentists during this time would use a form of hydrogen peroxide gel as a local anesthetic to numb the gums during dental procedures. They soon noticed that a side-effect of this treatment was that it turned their patient's teeth brilliant white and sparkly. And so, modern tooth whitening was born!

As I Am Twist Defining Cream Review

AS I AM - Twist Defining Cream

I often like to do a flat twist on my hair which will result in a braid out after certain days. This is my go to hairstyle. After putting my hair in sections, I take a small amount of the AS I AM Twist Defining Cream onto my finger tips and apply it to my hair, then I would proceed to twist my hair and twirl the ends in a spiral motion to get a more defined curl to my hair ends. The product glides onto my hair, moisturize, add sheen and help to retain the twist for several days.

III Sisters of Nature Natural Curling Gelo Review

III Sisters of Nature Natural Curling Gelo
I came across this product after strolling through several local beauty store searching for this one product that will help to enhance natural curls. The product that I was searching for was nowhere in sight, but reluctantly I saw this III Sisters of Nature Natural Curling Gelo  and it seem like a product that match the description of what I am looking for and something that I could really use. I was extremely new to III Sisters Nature Natural Curling Gelo  since I have never heard of it and it's my first time seeing it in stores. Well I did not hesitate to purchase.

I immediately showed it to my friend and she did a strand test on her dry hair and the result was wonderful but the price comparing to other gel was a little pricey. I tried the III Sisters of Nature Natural Curling Gelo  after I freshly washed my hair, conditioned etc. I applied the product directly to my wet hair, as I raked the product in with my fingers from root to tip. I had like the results of the product enhancing my natural curls. It was getting late, so I could not allow my hair to air dry much longer as I ran the hair dryer across my hair for a few minutes I realized that my curls was not holding. I discontinued using the dryer and allow the hair to air dry to the best of my ability, after ward I covered my hair with a satin bonnet . The result to which I woke up to was horrible regarding to my normal overnight wash n go's.

My hair came out flat. I fluffed it a bit but it was not good enough for a work day hairstyle, so I placed my hair in a high puff. The III Sisters Nature Natural Curling Gelo  helps to enhance my natural curl pattern, and it gave a medium light hold. I also experience balls of white residue after using this product.

For best result I would not recommend using this product on wet hair.

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Sterline Counter Top Water Flosser

Sterline Counter Top Water Flossing (ACT Braces care mouthwash is used in reference to size)

After getting braces I realized that thread flosser alone would not work for  me. I came across water flossers after doing much research on how to take care of teeth while wearing braces. There are rumors that water flossers should not replace traditional floss but I beg to differ especially for someone that has braces. Thread floss often times get tangled in braces wire which prevents the teeth from getting the perfect floss while water flosser deep cleans the teeth, braces brackets etc.

The Sterline Countertop Water Flosser comes assembled in the box and only requires your selection of nozzle to be used. The reservoir can hold up to 600ml of water and it does not necessarily need to be refilled each time you floss. The unit is 7 3/4 inches tall and does not take up much counter space. The cord is wrapped in a spiral, it is tucked neatly in the based while not in use and extends to approximately 3 ft. long while in use. The handle has a magnetic hold that helps it to attach to the base once put away properly. If the handle is not attached properly it will fall off the base. The handle has an on/off switch that should be used to turn on the water flow to the nozzle. It also has a push button to release the nozzle from the handle which can be stored inside the case. The main knob on the base also works as an on/off switch that controls the flow of water and timer. The built-in timer pauses at 30 and 60 sec interval and the pump automatically stops at 2 minutes. The water pressure can be very high depending on the speed you place the main knob.

Water Flosser Base, Handle and Nozzle case

Features of Sterline Counter Top Water Flosser
6 Interchangeable Water Flosser tips
  • Tongue scraper: use to remove bacteria from the surface of the tongue
  • Orthodontic tip: cleans between teeth and around braces brackets
  • Pocket tip should be used for low pressure rinses
  • Standard nozzle perfect for everyday use
2 Built-in Timers
  • the automatic timer shuts the water flosser off after two minutes of running
  • the interval timer run for 30 seconds and allows you to clean all four quadrants of mouth evenly
Adjustable Pressure Settings
This includes 10 water pressure settings.

Water Flosser Reservoir and Power cord

How to use Sterline Counter Top Water Flosser
Once the unit is removed from the packaging you will want to place it on a flat surface preferably a nice and clean counter top that is near an outlet, so that it can be easily plugged in for usage.
  • Fill the reservoir (tank) with water (recommended)
  • Select the tip that best suites your dental needs and insert it into the center of the handle
  • Adjust the main knob by simply pressing down on the button of the base to turn it on 
  • Turn the dial to the water pressure setting of your choice
Place the nozzle in your mouth, as you flick the on/off switch up on the handle. At this point you should be ready to use the water flosser. Move the flosser around gum lines, teeth, braces brackets etc. Ensure that you lean over a sink to avoid making a mess and allowing the water to flow out of mouth into sink while you floss.

After flossing has completed:
  • Simply turn the flosser off by turning the main nozzle on the base and flicking the on/off swith on the handle down.
  • Press the button on the handle to release the nozzle
  • Place the handle back to the base of the water flosser.
The nozzle case can store up to four tips, so that it is easily fetched when ready to be used. The water flosser is compatible with any 100-240v outlet and it can be used worldwide.

Package contains
3 standard nozzle
1 tongue scraper
1 orthodontic tip
1 pocket tip
adapter cord
user manual

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