Urban Decay Electric Pressed Pigment Palette Review, Photos and Swatches

Urban Decay Electric Palette
If you are into bold and lively colors then you should definitely get yourself the Electric Pressed Pigment Palette by Urban Decay. This pressed pigment palette from Urban Decay consist of 10 colors as well as a double ended electric eye shadow precision brush.

The shadows are soft, creamy, long wearing, blendable and highly pigmented.

This set contains ten (0.04 oz each) pressed pigments in
  • Revolt - bright metallic silver shimmer with silver glitter
  • Gonzo - bright turquoise matte with floating tonal pearl
  • Slow burn - bright red orange matte with floating pearl
  • Savage - bright hot pink matte
  • Fringe - bright metallic teal
  • Chaos - bright blue matte with floating tonal pearl
  • Jilted - bright metallic fuchsia with blue shift  
  • Urban - bright metallic purple
  • Freak - bright green with gold shift  
  • Thrash - bright lime green matte with floating gold pearl
Floating pearl are specks of pearl throughout a matte base. It's neither matte or shimmer finish. The pearl appears to float on top of base color for a more beautiful effect.

Electric Pressed Pigment Palette
What it is formulated without  
  • Parabens
  • Sulfates
  • Phthalates
About the packaging and palette
The packaging is just a colorful as the reminiscent of shades inside with it's vivid, dimensional multilayered smoke screen print and a huge mirror with UD imprinted on the inside. This slim sleek palette is emblazoned with Electric.

The double ended pressed pigment brush is an all black brush with bright purple synthetic brush fibers. That is perfect for applying pigments to the skin.

The Electric Palette is an artistry palette with unlimited usage for the face and body, the shades can be used however you prefer to apply them, some of the colors were not meant for the immediate eye area such as Slowburn, Savage, Jilted and Urban which contains a colorant that is not yet approved for use around the immediate eye area. It is also important to note that the restriction only applies in the US, these shades are approved in other parts of the world where Urban Decay is sold. This was done because urban decay did not want to limit the palette to only eye shadows. It doesn't matter where you choose to place it you will eventually get an insane color payoff. This palette is perfect for every skin tone.

Product Swatches
From L-R Revolt, Gonzo, Slowburn, Savage, Fringe, Chaos, Jilted, Urban, Freak and Thrash swathes from the Electric Pressed Pigment Palette by Urban Decay
These swatches were done without the use of primer or any form of eye shadow base. The shades are exclusive to this palette and none of them are sold individually.

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Billion Dollar Brows: Best Seller Kit Review and Giveaway

Do you want nicely done brows but don’t know where to start? Then, get yourself a brow kit from Billion Dollar Brows. The brow kit consists of:

a.) Universal Brow Pencil – this is a mechanical eyebrow pencil that goes on smooth leaving a natural look to your brows. This universal brow pencil is formulated to work with any skin tones and hair color.
b.) Brow Duo Pencil can be considered as the secret weapon. One end is a highlighter which should be used on the brow bone to add definition and warmth. The other end is a concealer used to cover blemishes.
c.) The Smudge Brush is for blending the highlight and concealer from the Brow Duo Pencil to perfection.

d.) Brow Gel – used for hold and control. The Brow Gel should be applied last to the brow for a perfect finishing touch, for a more polished, manicure brow that stays in place all day.

Billion Dollar Brows: Best Seller Kit
With this brow kit you won’t have to be shopping around for additional items as it comes with everything that will give you the desired brow look.

I wake up every morning moisturize my face then proceed to groom my brows. Not only do I groom my brows by trimming them with a scissors, tweezing and shaping with an eyebrow razor. I also look for the best brow product that can make my eyebrows stays on fleek.

I have use the Billion Dollar Brow kit on several occasion and I find that the universal brow pencil is a bit too soft which makes it easier to break. When brushed across my natural brow it gives a more taupe look to my freshly drawn brow. I do like to wear other colors to fill my eyebrows, so I found it quite comfortable to wear.  I like the entire aspect of the Billion Dollar Brow kit since it has everything to groom my brows all in one. The concealer is a bit too light for my skin tone and I prefer to use a cream concealer rather than the duo pencil. The highlighter blended very well as I placed this along my brow bone.

As for the brow gel I prefer to use it to lay my brows before I apply the universal brow pencil as this prevents the mascara wand to catch color from the brow pencil and my brows are laid in the direction that I would like it to be drawn or filled in.

I also love the fact that the kit came with a smudge brush, I can easily blend away my highlights as well as concealer.

Overall, I think the BillionDollar Brow kit is a great product, it gets the job done.
I received this product courtesy of BrandBacker in exchange for my honest review. Now you have a chance of winning one for yourself. Just simply fill in the form below.


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3 Grand Prize Winners will receive a prize package consisting of our Billion Dollar Brows "Best Sellers" Kit. Transform your brows with these essential brow products.

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Bom Beauty Cosmetics Brush and Sponge Cleaning Tool Review

Bom Beauty Cosmetics Brush and Sponge Cleaning Tool

Makeup Brush and Makeup Sponge Cleaner

If you are a makeup junkie like myself you would know that keeping your tools clean can be a great deal of work since it takes a lot of time to remove residue from brushes and sponges and you might end up putting off cleaning your makeup tools day after day. 

Bom Beauty Cosmetics has created this very handy cleaning tool that can ease your problem and prevent you from procrastinating on whether to clean or not to clean your makeup tools today. By using this tool you can simply slide two of your fingers in and proceed to clean your tool. Instead of using your hand middle or a dish to get residue from your tools.

Sephora (Baby) by Z Palette Review

Sephora Z Palette

Depotting makeup whether eyeshadow, lipstick or blushes it can become messy but nevertheless you will love the end result of having all of your products in one place. This baby Z-Palette from Sephora is almost the size of an entire palm. It comes in very handy as I can store single shadows inside of it.

When you have single eye shadows, blushes or bronzers the first place you look to store them all in one place is by using a customizable Z-palette. This Z-Palette from Sephora comes along with sizable metal stickers and a collection key to pry the pan out of the container.

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