Shick Hydro Silk Trimstyle Review

Shick Hydro Silk Trimstyle
The Shick Hydro Silk Trimstyle for women offers a dual function in an easy-to-use compact tool. It combines a hydrating hydro silk razor with a waterproof bikini trimmer with three length settings that is adjustable to your desire. The bikini trimmer can be used in or out of the shower for a convenient bikini maintenance.

The five curve sensing blades and skin guards helps to reduce irritation and bumps while providing an ultimate closer shave. The Shick Hydro Silk Trimstyle has a water activated moisturizing serum that is hypoallergenic, dermatologist tested and helps to replenish the skin natural moisture.

Shick Hydro Silk Trimstyle Curve Sensing Blades

The Shick Hydro Silk Trimstyle is an easy to use bikini trimmer with self adjustable comb that has four settings for a customized trim length, clean look and feel. The razor is replaceable and the trim guard comes off easily fr an even more closer shave.

Shick Hydro Silk Trimstyle Self Adjustable Comb

The Shick Hydro Silk Trimstyle offers a smooth shave and it does not cause razor bumps or any sign of irritation. I use it also for my under arm area.

Benefits of using Shick Hydro Silk Trimstyle
  • protects skin against irritation
  • it provides a close shave
  • water activated moisturizing serum
  • convenience of razor and trimmer in one
It comes along with one (1) AAA Energizer battery.

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Makeup Eraser Review

The makeup eraser is a reusable micro-fiber soft cloth that removes makeup with the use of only warm water. The makeup eraser measures 7" wide and 16" inches long. It has a two-sided flannel that has short fibers on one side to remove makeup and the longer fibers that should be used for gentle exfoliation.

The makeup eraser is free from chemical and all you need to do is to soak it in warm water, squeeze out excess of the water and use it to remove makeup from your face. I have decided that it is time for me to find other alternatives for makeup wipes, so that I don't have to be repurchasing monthly or running out of makeup remover since I wear makeup on a regular basis.

This makeup eraser has come in very handy for me since it is more efficient than using makeup wipes and it is reusable. This helps to remove my makeup and leaving my skin clean while the makeup wipes does not necessarily remove everything and I have to use more than one wipes to get excess amount of product off the skin.

The makeup eraser is 7" wide 16" long
I wear a full face of makeup 5-6 days of the week using products like foundation, primer, concealer, lipstick etc. What I do is damp the makeup eraser in warm water and squeeze excess amount of the water from it then I proceed to remove the makeup from my face. After using the makeup eraser there wasn't any traces of makeup residue on my skin. For some nights I would followed up with a toner and wash  my face thoroughly with soap or face wash while other nights after using the makeup eraser I would skip those steps. This makeup eraser is also great for exfoliating dead cells from the lips, after using it to remove lipstick from my lips my lips are often times left smooth without a trace of crack.

The makeup eraser has become a part of my daily makeup routine. It works for removing even the most stubborn waterproof mascara and lip stain. It is gentle on the skin especially the eye area. I have experience a little bit of shedding from the cloth while using it to remove my makeup which can be annoying and makes me irritable since it leaves small fur pieces of the cloth on my face.

After each use I would hand wash it and hang it to dry for use the following day. It is best to air dry the makeup eraser after each use to prevent it from gathering a foul moldy scent or mildew. The makeup eraser shows no signs of stain and the makeup or which ever face product you wipe away using the makeup eraser is wash from the cloth easily.

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My Transitioning Journey

Rocking my pony tail
I recently went from transitioning to relaxed after I transitioned for 2-3 years, now that I have my hair relaxed I am considering to go back natural. I miss having my high puffs, twist out etc. even though I enjoy playing around with my relaxed hair but not as much how I love the versatility of my natural hair.

My main reason for considering to start transitioning is that I am not pleased with the way my hair is done when it is being relaxed and I experience a good amount of breakage and less hair growth.

I do have to style my hair on a regular basis, so I would buy several different styles of ponytails to pin on to my hair when I put it in one. I really do miss my high puffs and I wish to achieve it some day.

Twist out hairstyle
The last time I relaxed my hair was on the 6th of April and normally my hair would take about 6 weeks before I have a good amount of new growth, so I would say my transitioning phase started around the 9th of May. I am currently 13 weeks into my transitioning stage and so far I have only done one protective style. The first time that I transitioned my hair I had worn protective styles such as weave and braids but this time around I am giving my hair a break from weave and braids and wearing my regular ponytails and twist outs until I find someone that can style my hair as I desire.

Did you do the big chop?
How long did it take for your hair to transition fully?
What made you wanted to go back natural?

Share your tips with me in the comment box below.

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Play! by Sephora Subscription Box

If you love subscription boxes like myself then you should know that Sephora will be rolling out a new subscription box, called Play! starting in selected cities this upcoming September: Boston, Columbus, and Cincinnati. The nationwide roll out of the subscription is scheduled for 2016.

Oil Rinsing with Conditioner

If you have coarse, thick hair that can be hard to manage at times, then you might want to consider oil rinsing. As this helps to soften the hair and make it much easier to manage and maintain.

I normally oil rinse my hair every time I shampoo since this makes my hair softer and more manageable. If you have problems with dry hair then this Oil Rinsing method is good for you. You can use any of the recommended oils mentioned below along with conditioner of your choice. I prefer to use VO5 since its cheaper than other brands and my hair uses a lot of products. 

Benefits of Oil Rinsing 
  • moisture retention
  • hair becomes much easier to detangle
  • less single strand knots 
  • smoother, softer, shinier hair 
  • eliminates frizz 
  • gives a natural shine 

Recommended oils 
  • coconut oil
  • olive oil
  • almond oil
  • grape seed oil
  • castor oil
How to Oil Rinse

1.     Thoroughly wash hair with shampoo and rinse
2.     Select your oil of choice and apply it to your hair 
3.     Apply conditioner and massage into scalp and unto hair 
4.     Allow the oil and the conditioner to sit on your hair for 15-20 minutes, you can also put a plastic cap over hair.
5.     Rinse hair thoroughly using cold water.
6.     Style hair as desired

Have you tried oil rinsing? If yes, did you like your result? If not, would you try it and post your result in the comment box below.

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DIY Dipbrow Pomade

We love when our brows is on fleek, so follow this easy Diy Dipbrow Pomade instruction for an easy application to fill in your brows.

What you will need
  • Beeswax
  • Coconut oil
  • Bowl
  • Pot of simmering water
  • Oil of choice ( hair oil, almond oil, olive oil etc.)
  • Cold jug
  • Eye shadows (mix of browns, black or colour of your choice)
  • Small container
Follow the provided steps
Step 1: Place 2 tablespoons of beeswax and coconut oil into glass bowl.
Step 2: Proceed to melt over a simmering pot of water.
Step 3: Once melted add a few drops of your choice of oil to the mixture and stir together
Step 4: You can pour the mixture into a cool jug while continuing to mix that way it will cool down faster.
Step 5: Add 2 tablespoon eye shadow of choice to the mixture and mix, mix, mix until it has a smooth and creamy consistency.
Step 6: Transfer into a small container and it should be ready for use.

If you tried this method of making your own dip brow, write your feedback in the comment box below.

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DIY Egg White Face Mask

Image Source
If you are having problems getting rid of blackheads, whiteheads, controlling oil then this egg mask treatment should be best for you. This simple peel-off mask diy treatment is easy and it does not require much ingredient.

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