Iluminage Precise Touch Permanent Hair Reduction Review

Iluminage Packaging

After anticipating the arrival of my iluminage Precise Touch, unboxing and unwrapping to my sudden surprise the product had scratches on the base, small particles of hair and dust. I contacted the seller immediately wanting a replacement or refund. They were currently out of stock and I was not qualified for a refund in advance. I had a grace period up until Jan 31, 2016 to return the product to get a full refund. I was offered promotional credit for the trouble.

Later on when inspecting the product only to realize that the power outlet on the device is not aligned properly, so it was not able to even be plugged in for usage. Now I definitely had to resend the product. I contacted the seller and they promise to refund the cost of shipping as well as what I paid for the device.

I saw where another reviewer posted the same exact problem as myself.

Natural Hair vs. Non-Natural Hair

There is a big misconception that there is not a lot of options for styling natural hair but today’s naturals are rocking the versatility of their natural hair and it’s making them feel more empowered and free rather than wearing synthetic weave, wigs, relaxed, texturize hair and much more. Natural hair is very diverse and a lot of styling options are available for naturalistas like the famous high puff, braid out, twist out, bantu knots, wash n’ go which can be an everyday hair style and other styles for formal occasions such as weddings for example updos, cornrows, flat twists, the list is endless. You can even create your own styles when you become really good at doing your own hair. Who knows what your creative juice could come up with? All it takes is practice, patience and creativity and you could practically learn anything by watching several YouTube videos that are available to you free of cost.

Creams vs. Oils

English: Cold cream
English: Cold cream (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
English: Glass vial containing Cistus Essentia...
English: Glass vial containing Cistus Essential Oil (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Creams are a blend of oil and liquid which contains a higher percentage of oil. Creams are often thicker and soft like butter. They absorb way quicker than oils, but their moisturizing properties tend to last longer than lotions. On the other hand some oils can be greasy and take a while to absorb into the skin while others can absorb in a matter of minutes without leaving a greasy feeling to the skin.

Know your skin type
A water based moisturizer can help improve your skin in a number of ways, and before you choose one that’s right for you, it is important that you consider your skin type and its own unique needs. Whether you have extremely dry skin or skin that tends to be oily, daily moisturizing is an important part of keeping your skin healthy. However, a water based moisturizer may be more beneficial in the long term, as it may feel lighter on your skin and is less likely to clog pores. No matter what your skin type is, finding the right product to add to your skin care kit is essential, you may be puzzling over whether you should choose a cream based product vs. one that is oil based. While both of these types can be beneficial depending on your skin type, an oil based product has various health benefits that you may want to consider.

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