OCC Lip Tar Stained Gloss Review

OCC Lip Tar Stained Gloss Trio

The OCC Lip Tar Stained Gloss comes in a clear plastic standard squeeze tube with a skinny nozzle, and enclosed in a clear zipped plastic packaging which includes a mini sized lip brush in the single OCC Lip Tar package and a full sized OCC Lip brush in the Trio package.

OCC Lip Tar Stained Gloss (L-R) Androgyne, New Wave & Dekadent

The OCC Lip Tar Stained Gloss appears very bright coloured in the tube but appears poorly on the lips without the use of primer prior application.

Suggested Usage
This product can be worn alone or layered over your favorite existing shades for added depth, dimension and a glossy finish that lasts.

For a precise application, use OCC's Precision Lip Brush and apply a dab of the stained gloss to the center of the lips and blend outwards to the lip line.

Due to peppermint oil content, lip tar is not recommended for use in the immediate eye area.

OCC Lip Tar Stained Gloss Packaging (back)

Well I wasn't impressed by these OCC Lip Tar Stained Gloss but I have found ways to use them. Best uses is with the OCC Lip Tar Primer or applying over lipsticks to get that casual gloss. The stained gloss were inspired by stained glass windows and lighting gels that are transparent but colored.

OCC Lip Tar Stained Gloss Swatches

These colours are actually cute, what do you think? Have you tried any? Which of them is your favorite shade? Where you impressed by these stained gloss?

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MAC Viva Glam Rihanna Lipstick Review + a Swatch

Rihanna is officially the new spokeperson for MAC 2014 Aids Fund campaign. They have launch a set of lip products to help support the MAC Aids Fund called the Viva Glam. Proceeds earned towards the sale of this campaign will go to the MAC Aids Fund which helps women, men and children living with and affected by AIDS/HIV.

The Viva Glam Lipstick is described as a frosty blue that has a warm metallic red frost but it has a more creamy sheen that skews a little orange on my lips when applied. The lipstick is creamy and hydrating and it goes on lips very well. It can also be considered as opaque and it feels comfortable on lips.

MAC Rihanna Viva Glam Lipstick Swatch

The packaging for the Viva Glam Lipstick is clad with Rihanna's signature and the lipstick is engulfed in a red tube instead of the black and silver tube that we're accustomed to seeing MAC Viva Glam other lippies in.

Rihanna Viva Glam Lipstick Box

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Influenster Vitality VoxBox Review

I was selected for Influenster Vitality Vox Box. The box I received had 6 full sized products, coupons and an information card. I enjoy being apart of Influenster nation since I get to unlock badges, being introduce to new products every now and then and also being able to write a review and the other fun activities in the dashboard section.

Influenster Vitality VoxBox

The products included in my Vitality VoxBox are as follows:
First Degree Advanced Burn Cream: $5.97 - $8.99
If you got a burn while cooking, grilling, using a styling iron, razor burn, fire etc. then this products is best for you since it's a patent healing formula that helps to repair skin damages from all types of minor burns. This product claims to soothe pain on contact, protect against infection and help reduce the appearance of scars.

First Degree Advanced Burn Cream
 Uses: Promotes skin healing and temporarily relieves symptoms of minor burns and superficial scalds such as:
  • rawness
  • itching
  • minor infection
Directions: For best results, apply immediately after experiencing a minor burn, clean the affected area before applying.

Aids in the healing of:
  • minor burns
  • cuts
  • scrapes
  • insect bites
  • minor skin irritations

First Degree Advanced Burn Cream

Playtex Sport Fresh Balance: $3.99

I love Playtex tampons, these are my go to with that contoured applicator for easy placement and odor shield. These tampons are super comfortable and you can continue your daily activity and not worrying about leakage or feeling too bulky.

Playtex Sport Fresh Balance (Front)
Playtex Sport Fresh Balance (Back)

Pure Leaf Ice Tea
I didn't find this ice tea suitable to my taste but it can be used as a replacement for coffee, warm beverages etc. 

Pure Leaf Unsweetened 
Pure Leaf Ice Tea

Soft Lips Cube 
I loved the cute little packaging and the taste of this lip cube. I use it mostly before applying lipstick or after exfoliating my lips, it helps to moisten the lips and it gives a very nice soft sheen.

Soft Lips Cube

Bikini Ready 
I've never had energy gummies before but i surely used these to drag me out of bed and it surely worked. This gummy is soft, chewable has a medicine like taste on the inside and sugary on the outside. I found that it opened my appetite i wanted to eat more than the 5 that was directed to in take per day.

Bikini Ready Energy Gummies

Elizabeth Arden Caplet Serum
Every one has wrinkles, especially if you are getting older you would fight to keep them away.

Elizabeth Arden Caplet Serum

I got these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.....

Are you a member of Influenster? Do you enjoy getting voxboxes?

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Coastal Scents 22-Piece Brush Set Review

Coastal Scents 22-Piece Brush Set
I was drawn to this 22-piece brush set from Coastal Scents by the ample amount of eye brushes included in the set. Even though I was having second thoughts about buying this brush set, it turns out that I eventually bought it and yes, I'm loving it.

Brush roll closed dimension 7"(L) x 9.5"(W)
Looks like a clutch when closed

The Coastal Scents 22-piece brush set is a complete set of makeup brushes. The brushes cater to different needs from applying foundation to powder and eye shadows. The brushes are super soft and of good quality.

Brush Roll open dimension 24.5"(L) x 9.5"(W) x 0.50" (H)
The brush roll is of a matte black faux leather material with the Coastal Scents logo imprinted in the middle of the closing flap. The flap folds up three times and has two magnetic snap buttons to keep it close. When you open the first flap you will notice a little zipper pocket that can be used to store small items. Up on unfolding the flaps one can notice a nylon type of material that separates, holds, protects and cover each brushes.

Brush Roll Nylon Material

Brush Set Features

  • 22 professional cosmetic brushes
  • stylish faux leather brush case
  • synthetic and natural bristles
  • black handle and black ferrule

Photo Credit: Amazon.com
Coastal Scents 22-piece brush set

The 22-piece brush set is a combination of synthetic, nylon, natural brushes such as goat and pony hair. Out of the 22 brushes it contains: 8 face brushes, 9 eye brushes, 4 brow brushes that can also be used to apply eyeliners and 1 lip brush.

Brush names, types and uses
1. Fan Brush - made with synthetic hair 
This brush is used for sweeping/dusting loose eye shadow that fell out while applying, it can be also used to apply a light application of blush and bronzer. This brush does comes in handy sometimes but it's not often used like the foundation brush.

2. Powder Brush - made with synthetic hair
It's very soft and tends to give light coverage of powder but this is not something that I would use to regularly to apply powder to my face. I would preferably to use a fluffier powder brush to apply powder and use this brush to blend foundation all over my face.

3. Flat Buffer Brush - synthetic hair
This brush is great for blending out an application of foundation.

4. Angle Blush Brush - natural brush made of goat hair
This brush is super soft and its use to apply blush to the face.

5. Round Powder Brush - Synthetic
This brush look similar to a dual fiber brush, it has white brushes which can be difficult to clean but with a little olive oil and baby shampoo that will do the trick.

6. Foundation Brush - Fiber Hair
This is used to apply foundation but you might want to use the flat buffer brush also to get a perfect blend.

7. Large Shadow - Pony hair
This can be used to apply eye shadows, great for people with full eyes like myself.

8. Concealer Brush - Nylon Hair
Great for applying your favorite concealer

9. Dome Shadow Brush - Pony Hair
This is a stiff dome brush that can be used to create a smoky eye. It can also be used to apply eye shadow at the outer V of the eyes and soft sweeping. It is perfect for smudging and blending into the lash line.

10. Doe Foot Blender - Pony Hair
This is a fuller angled brush that can be used for blending, shading and contouring. It allows you to apply an even application from lash line to brow bone. It can also be used for mineral concealer around the eye and highlighting the brow.

11. Dome Blender - Pony Hair
Use to apply eye shadow on the crease and V of the eyes or blend eye liner.

12. Blender - Pony Hair
For blending eye shadow

13. Pointed Blender - Pony Hair
For blending eye shadow

14. Brow - Pony Hair
For applying highlight or eye shadow to the brow bone

15. Medium Shadow - Pony Hair
Use to apply shadow to the center of the eyelids.

16. Detail Concealer - Fiber Hair
For applying concealer to small spots

17. Detail Shadow - Pony Hair
Highlighting inner corner of eye (tear duct)

18. Lip Brush - Pony Hair
Used to apply lipsticks to the lips

19. Large Liner/brow - Nylon Hair
This is a soft bristle brush that can be used to apply eye shadows on the eye lids and great for drawing cat eyes or creating the flick.

20. Medium Liner/brow - Nylon Hair
Use for gel eyeliner, highlighting brows

21. Small Liner/brow - Nylon Hair
Creating the flick or cat eyes

22. Smudge Sponge - made from rubber
For softening gel liner or smudging eye shadow for that smoky look

I'm so glad I bought these brushes, it is everything that I'm looking for in a brush set. The quality is amazing and the price is reasonable. I haven't experience much shedding with the brushes, the only brush that was shedding is the fan brush. The only downfall with this brush is identifying them since they are not labelled on the brush handles.
Would you buy these brushes? Do you already own them? What was your experience like using these brushes?

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Ipsy September 2014 Glam Bag Sneak Peeks Revealed

Every ipster awaits this time of the month patiently, from the 1st when ipsy starts to charge for glam bags following up on releasing sneak peeks. If you are not familiar with ipsy, it is a monthly subscription glam bag curated by Michelle Phan. For just $10 you get 4-5 beauty products delivered to your door. Check it out here: Subscribe to Ipsy

All eyes are on NY but our eyes are on YOU. Are you ready for some #StreetStyle? September Glam Bag Sneak Peeks start Monday 9/1.

Sneak Peek #1
September Sneak Peek #1: Get ready to strut your #StreetStyle and steal the show with one of these Pacifica signature beauties. Liner or lacquer ... Which one are you hoping for?

Every subscriber will receive a Pacifica 7 Free Nail Polish or Pacifica Natural Waterproof Eye Pencil.

Pacifica 7 Free Nail Polish
Price: $9:00

Pacifica Natural WaterProof Eye Pencil
Price: $11:00

September Sneak Peek #2: Step aside, September Issues. Pretty sure our #StreetStyle Glam Bag will be the highlight of your mailbox this month, especially since you're getting one of these on-trend shades (ahem, in full size) to wear all season long. Which of these are you hoping to make a statement with?

Hikari Lipstick (Scarlet - True Red)
Price $13:00

Cailyn Art Touch Tinted Lip Gloss Stick
Price: $19:00
Maybelline Face Studio Master Glaze
Price: $9:99 (prices may vary)

September Sneak Peek #3: Why fit in when you were born to stand out from the crowd? One of these street-chic picks will be yours to rock out! What's your go-to beauty product for #StreetStyle?

NYX Hot Single Eyeshadow
ipsters who sample NYX will receive one of these shades: Dressed to Kill, Arrogance, Innocent, Chandelier, Asphyxiation, Velvet, Bling, Rehab, Burlesque, or Addiction

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel

ipsters who sample Sally Hansen® will receive a Miracle Gel™ Duopack including one of the Miracle Gel™ polishes in Pretty Peggy, Red Eye or Redgy and a Miracle GelT™ Top Coat. The Duopack also includes a $2 OFF coupon for any Sally Hansen® Miracle Gel™ Nail Color
Avon Big and Daring Volume Mascara
Price: $9:00

LeeAni 3 in 1 Revolution Light (2.0 fl. oz)
Price: $17:48
Selected Ipster will receive a sample size

Nourish Organic Moisturizing Cream Face Cleanser
Price: $13:99
Harvey Prince Hello EDP
Price $26:00
Harve Benard Precious Gold
September Sneak Peek #4: When it comes to #StreetStyle, it's all in the details. Like an HD photo finish or the perfect tool for expertly blending shadows. Which one are you hoping to get in your #StreetStyle Glam Bag?

Crown Brush

Be a Bombshell Smooth Criminal Powder
Price: $12:00

September Sneak Peek #5: May your hair or skin routine be nothing but legit with one of these gotta-have #StreetStyle beauties. Hair or skin ... tell us your street-smart tip for looking amazing?

What are your picks for this month sneak peeks? Do you think ipsy is improving in the items selected for our glam bags?

Stay tune for more sneak peeks.....

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