What Lil Kim had to say about her Before and After appearance

Lil Kim Before & After
“I miss the old Kim” is a statement that is lingering in the entertainment world especially by the 90s hip-hop lovers and they are not just referring to her catchy hooks and feisty punch lines, but also her appearance. Anyone that has a good vision can assume that she has had a bit of cosmetic work done on her face. However, some could say she’s barely recognizable. It’s rather unclear whether or not she has regrets about her drastic change in appearance, but it does seem to be a rather touchy subject for the Brooklyn rappers. The rapper, whose real name is Kimberly Denise Jones know has an unrecognizable face, that includes what appears to be a lighter skin, fuller cheekbones and a smaller nose. Her new look surfaced after several months reports stated that she had undergo a plastic surgery.

When Kim was asked about the media's fixation on her face during an interview with Rolling Out, in her replies she stated, no disrespect, no shade, but I'm not going to answer [that] question. Then she went on saying that she think that's kinda corny and she doesn't know how to answer that. "That's not a question I would answer," she continued. "I'm blessed. That's all I can say and I am who I am." She was more willing to discuss her current thoughts about finding love with a possibility of getting married. She went along by saying, if it happens, it happens and she is not going to fight it, because at the end of the day she feels as if she can have both.

Do you think people should discontinue talking about Kim's appearance?

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Usain Bolt as a Lady & Baby in Commercial

Just when I thought we have seen it all..... Olympic Champion Usain Bolt dressed as a woman and a baby for a new Virgin Media commercial...

In the commercial Usain Bolt plays a whole family setting of different characters in Virgin Media's latest multi-million pound advertising campaign.

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Nanshy Foundation Face Brushes Review

I found these Nanshy face brush after doing a thoroughly research on the internet and by reading reviews etc. I was just looking for a face brush that can do the job. After reading reviews I thought to myself maybe I should go ahead and by the 5 set foundation face brush that consist of a: 

1.     Angled Buffer Brush
2.     Flat Angled Buffer Brush
3.     Pointed Brush
4.     Flat Top Buffer Brush 
5.     and a Round Buffer Brush. 

Nanshy Foundation Face Brush

The brushes can be use for application of any product to the face whether liquid, mineral or cream foundation, bronzers, blush etc. My favorite out of all 5 brushes is the Flat Top Buffer Brush, it makes my regular foundation routine looks flawless. I often use the brush in a stippling motion and then buff in to even my skin tone. I bought the set of 5 brushes on Amazon and they were poorly packaged in a zip lock bag. The Nanshy brush look similar to the Sigma brush, but the Sigma is about 10-20% more pricey.

  • thick pearly white handles
  • easy to use
  • soft and dense bristles
  • easy to clean
  • creates a flawless finish
  • buffs and blends well
  • 100% cruelty free
  • bristles falling out (shedding)
  • poor packaging
  • brushes are hard to identify, since they are not labelled with their individual names

Nanshy Angled Buffer Brush
The Nanshy Angled Buffer Brush is perfect for contouring and creating a narrower face effect such as applying bronzer and blush to cheekbones.

Nanshy Flat Angled Buffer Brush

The Nanshy Flat Angled Buffer Brush reaches the areas especially around the nose very well with the angle flat top. It applies and blends the foundation perfectly.

Nanshy Pointed Brush
The Nanshy Pointed Brush is very unique with a soft round tip that can be used to apply or blend in concealer.

Nanshy Flat Top Buffer Brush
The Nanshy Flat Top Buffer Brush is perfect for get that flawless matte finish. I mostly use this to apply my foundation and when I do, I use it in a stippling motion to even out my skin tone and get a full coverage.

Nanshy Round Buffer Brush
The Nanshy Round Buffer Brush is of a dome shape with soft synthetic bristles that can be used to apply, buff and blend foundation.

Buy them here: Nanshy 5Piece Brush Set

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When to shop online/in store for beauty products

Newsletters! We all get them, then we go ahead and open the countless emails with the catchy headline persuading us to try the latest beauty craze and/or purchase the limited edition items before they get sold out. However, it is hard to decide what beauty product can be bought online without an expert advice or without being able to test out the shade or look at the color payoff. There is a time and place for everything and this article will inform you when it's more convenient to shop online or in stores. To help you budget better, here are eight times when it's the best time to shop online and four times in stores.

When it's Appropriate to Shop Beauty Online
1.     If there is money back guarantee: Some online sites will offer a full refund if you try a product you ordered and don't like it. If this is the case then go ahead and buy your beauty product.
2.     There is a Sale: whether its 10%, 25% or 50% off you are welcome to splurge on beauty products, once you are getting a great deal.
3.     There is a BOGO: the buy one get one free is always a great deal since the price for one equals two.
4.     During Holidays or Special Events: Whenever there is an event or holiday in the U.S. you can always catch a sale online. For eg. St. Patrick Day, Veterans Day etc.
5.     Have knowledge of the brand: If you have used various products before from a certain brand and trust what the company has to offer, then what's stopping you. Go ahead and buy that second product from that brand.
6.     You are Repurchasing: Too busy to go to the store, then why not shop online. This will save you a lot of time, not to mention deliveries are fast and you already know the product.
7.     Limited Edition: this is when your favourite celeb collaborates with your favourite makeup line and they offer a midnight release online sale, then this is the time you can order online. Most times these limited edition products gets sold out in stores and you can guarantee you're going to get the product you want if you order quickly online.
8.     Research: If you watch tutorials, read blogs, visit beauty forums online then you know all of this fall in the category of research, you will be ready to order.

When You Need to Shop Offline/In-stores
1.     New Skincare Products: never buy skin care products without being able to test, ordering with a blind eye not a requirement. The skin is very sensitive and delicate, it requires you to test in person to avoid later damages to the skin surface.
2.     Bold Colors: some shades will look completely different online than when you actually see it yourself, unlike neutrals.
3.     Trends: Some beauty fads can be quite expensive and they normally come and go. For instance blue mascara wasn't meant for everyone, so it needs to be tried out and see if it fits before purchasing for best results.  
4.     New Fragrances: Anxious about that new fragrance, then why not stop in stores and scent it for yourself, even though online descriptions have gotten extremely detailed, the scent can still be a bit of turn-off for some of us.

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Worst beauty trends of 2013

For all the fabulous hairstyles, bold lip colors whether ombre or natural lip colors that became trends, there are a few beauty trends that fell short of impressive. In fact, they were so terrible that we would like to forget all about them, but only if we could. These various style has been feature on the red carpet and even on the runway; however there are just certain hairstyles and makeup looks that should never see the light of day.

In one final run through of this year 2013 terrible trends, down below are some looks that we are trying to forget.


Half Shaved Head: Rihanna is an exception to this example, there's is practically no one on the face of earth that looks good with an half shaved head. Besides the fact that it is not natural.

Bleached Eyebrows: Ladies spare the chemicals on the eyebrows.

Full Pieces of Glitter as Makeup: Full appliques should not be used on the face, same goes gemstones unless it's Halloween. Chanel runway show an exception.

Black Swan Eyeshadow:  With a smokey eye and a black swan eye there surely is a fine line, and while we love wearing good graphic liner, the lids covered in black shadow overtakes the face. Not much to say about January Jones....

Wet Hair Look: For a quick hairdo the wet hair will work, but what happens if it dries out....It's another thing to entirely make your hair look wet, but why would you purposely leave your hair wet with the intention to keep it that way.

Pompadours: Ok! Ladies let’s leave this one on the runway, wearing this hairdo during the day it comes off as costumey and a bit ridiculous and we don't want that. Even though it's a bit classier than Snooki's pouf.

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High Quality Product Review

M.A.C Prep + Prime (price $16)
This is a lip primer that should be applied to the lip before applying lipstick. It makes the lipstick last longer than usual, and it also moistens the lips.For best result leave it on for about 60 sec before applying lipstick. If applied around lip line, it prevents the lipstick from bleeding.

  • adds to the longevity of lip colour
  • moistens lips
  • wears better with M.A.C lipsticks

they're Real benefit mascara (travel size)
The mascara wand gives a great definition/separation of lashes, even though i would normally use a clean wand and still comb through I enjoy wearing this mascara. It makes my lashes look full and long. I think its the formula that gives length and thickness. It doesn't flake or smudge unlike cheaper brands.

  • Separates lashes
  • stay put all day
  • waterproof
  • volume
  • length
and I could go on........

watts up benefit highlighter
I don't really use highlighters.. I got this one as a gift. Thanks! Sephora

Smashbox Photofinish Foundation Primer (price $10)
If you are looking for the perfect canvas to lay your concealer/foundation then you have the right choice. This will make your makeup stay in place all day with little or no touch up.

M.A.C Studio Fix Fluid SPF 15 Foundation (price $27)
This foundation is one of the best on the market, it is very noticeable unlike the rest. It doesn't leave your clothes looking messy and it can give you a full coverage matte finish. However application must be quick as the foundation sets very quickly. I would also recommend that you get a pump (sold separate).                                                             

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How to Apply Color Corrector

When it comes on to treating skin conditions and even regular skin discolorations color correctors comes in handy as a very useful makeup tool. To get that perfectly flawless looking skin, using these is helpful as it even out skin irritation and hyper-pigmentation in your complexion, including redness or scarring.

By determining your skin concern it may be the best way to find out which color corrector you should use. For instance, if you suffer from redness or rosacea, then your skin might be red and inflamed. If this is the case, then a color corrector is required, sometimes called a neutralizer, in the color green. The main reason for this is that green corrector will perfectly neutralize deep redness on the skin. This can also be helpful if you have severely inflamed acne. 

Keep in mind that a color corrector has a heavier coverage than a regular concealer. However, if you wear mineral makeup you can use the powdered version of a yellow color corrector for easy coverage like BareMinerals Redness Remedy. If you have Rosacea, which is often red and inflamed, it is recommended that you use a powdered mineral makeup yellow color corrector; it is gentler on the skin.  
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